"Wat Arun" take sunset from the Chao Phraya River, to the Peninsula Bangkok views


Hotel LodgingPeninsula BangkokIs it to go back、Chao Phraya Express Chao Phraya Express boatOf the standThe No.13Good location Phra Arthit Pier (also known as:Banglampoo banglamphu)To the head。Chakkraphong Road chakrapong StreetAcross theRAM Buttri Road lamb tree StreetIf the advance、On the left hand "Wat chanasongkram (Temple)"Because、Is there that surroundsLamb tree StreetYou can go!


Chakrapong StreetAndLamb tree StreetOf the intersection、City sightseeing tour provides a reasonableTuk-tukAttached to the eye。Tuk-tukThe showing on the fare table、Wat PhoSuch as the Royal Palace until theB50 (Japan yen and approximately 180 yen)Are listed and。Khao San RoadIn came BarkerTuk-tukTo ask and bid、B150 (Japan yen and then around 540 yen)There have been saying for、Think like a quite reasonable price here。There is no need, not、A conscientiousTuk-tukTo meet and I am happy!


Lamb tree StreetContinuing along the temples、T-intersectionRight there you will see。After、Go straightPhra Arthit Road Pula-artist StreetThe bumps!


On the corner7-ElevenThe Billboard,、There arePlastic artist StreetIt is。Just、Thirsty7-ElevenThe Let's get started!


ThailandIn is to keep in mind、Convenience stores, etc.OfAlcohol sale hoursis11:-14:Up to and17At ~ 24 hoursUp and is restricted to。At this time、17oclockBefore after2~ 3 minutesSaid, and it is、In the alcohol Department、And a sticker attached to this、Could you sell。Cover or any other shop、ロープで固定したりと様々な方法で制限されていますホテルやレストラン等では問題ありませんが外出先でアルコールを購入する際には注意が必要です。Of course、17oclockを過ぎるのを店内で待ちきちんとビールを購入させていただきました♪


Plastic artist StreetCross、Take a BoatLet's move on to the alley of the sign.


No.13 Phra Arthit good location Pier (also known as:Banglampoo banglamphu)Is there behind this!


In the way of tourists、Make sure the souvenir business centre。On the front of the House、Flying the flag of the various countries is a welcome mood。Thailand peopleThe、More and more bright and friendly people、Country smile that is attractive in one!


Through the pathways to、The No.13Good location Phra Arthit Pier (also known as:Banglampoo banglamphu)The ticket booth and will be!


The way backChao Phraya Express boatAlso、ExpressOfBoat Orange flagOn for a ride、Flight fees、Wherever we go in certain section in chargeB15 (Japan yen and then around 55 yen)Is!


The No.13Good location Phra Arthit Pier (also known as:Banglampoo banglamphu)


Boat Orange flagOfExpressIn the ship!


No.12 Phra Pin klao Phra pinklao Pierからオレンジの袈裟をまとった僧侶が大勢乗り込まれてきましたThailandNow、仏教社会のため僧侶が尊ばれる存在で優先されます♪


During the day 'Wat Arun Wat Arun」の修復工事中の柵がハッキリと見えて気になりましたが、Just、夕陽が背景にかかり逆光でぼんやりと映る姿が美しいです。If the original、夜にライトアップされるWat Arunを写真に納めたかったのですがホテルのLate check-outの時刻が迫っているため今回は諦めることとなりました。The next time、もう少しゆとりあるスケジュールで観光を楽しみたいと思います♪


Beautiful sunsets and quietChao Phraya Riverの流れもうじき陽が沈み煌びやかなネオンが灯されます♪


Oriental Oriental Pier No.1To arrive、PeninsulaAnd it's privateFree shuttle boatAnd then use the、対岸のホテルへと戻りましょうChao Phraya River沿いのホテルは、Location is nice、The hotel has its ownShuttle boatAndChao Phraya Express boatを上手く利用することによってAccess environmentも整っていますBangkokの市街地にも程近くリゾート感溢れ優雅でラグジュアリーなひと時を過ごすことができるPeninsula Bangkokさんに是非一度は訪れてみてくださいPeninsula Bangkokのスタッフの皆さん短い期間でしたが本当にお世話になりました!さて急いでチェックアウトを済ませ「Suvarnabhumi international airport"To go!

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