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Khao San RoadFromLamb tree StreetPassed through to passageSusie Waking Street susiewalkingstreetAndLamb tree StreetIn a corner 'Shewa Spa chew Spa"。Here is、NumerousLamb tree StreetFor in the massage parlor、And high grade Salon。Facial treatment with aroma started.、Body treatments、Foot massage、Head Spa、Thailand massage、Wax hair removal、Both men and women as a comprehensive salon, nail salon, from the foreign tourists popular。The simple treatments, such as foot-massage and traditional Thai massage in Thailand、Select dinners and bed room with air conditioning、Cost becomes cheap dinners are slightly。If it says with a foot massage、30Dinners-massage is the B120 (Japan yen approximately 430 yen)、Bed room is the B180 (Japan yen approximately 650 yen)It is。This time the、Room bedIn we asked!


This time we are、Foot massagePlease please、In the treatmentBaby oilWill be used、BodaytrytomentIf you would、1On the floor at the front from three different types of your favorite scentAromaSo choose, such as、Whats the special kitten!


Lavender、Jasmine、EucalyptusAnd three kinds of essential oils are fragrant.、Personally,LavenderIn love fragrance。Just take a deep breath and smell the aroma relaxing effect is high.


Staff assigned to it to be ushered to the second floor and、There was a place for washing feet。Put legs up to knees、We gently washed feet。How to not raise the knee jeans, pants、Clothes shorts is available so it is safe.


Approximately30MinutesAs of theOil foot massageThe、From below the knee to the fingertips to release、Apply moderate pressure with、By pressing the pressure points to stimulate、Enhances the body's natural healing power。I firmly massage it650CircleAnd is too cheap! (* Choose location、There is also the cheaper shops) to here、Smile Nice staff who many、Not crowded、In the air-conditioned room bed where you will find treatment at the same time couple because it is recommended。Where did and strolling in swollen feet、We have been doing time I return to the hotel。Next in line、Encountered on the way home in a boatChao Phraya RiverOf and enjoy the magnificent views.

Shewa Spa chew Spa
Address:108/2 Rambuttri Road,Banglampu-Bangkok 10200, Thailand
TEL:+668 (0) 5959 0066
Hours of operation:9:00-25:00 Closed on Mondays:Without

108 Rambuttri Khwaeng Talat Yot, Khet Phra Nakhon Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200



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