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Part of the appeal of elephant conservation project、2007 yearIn Rotterdam and touring Europe, starting with、Now that has spread to Asia "ELEPHANT PARADE elephant parade"。The original、The Netherlands family founderMark & Mike SpitzisLampangOf when you visited the elephant hospital、MoshaAnd the trigger is met a baby elephant called。MoshaThe、Stepping on a landmine and lost a leg、Because Mosha prosthesis to make money joint venture was、Seems born for the Asian elephant conservation organizations.


Since、Famous artistsByOutdoor exhibition of the elephantAround the world (2007:Rotterdam、2008 year:Antwerp、2009 year:Amsterdam、2010 year:London、Bergen、Emmen、Heerlen、2011 year:Copenhagen、Milan、Singapore、2012 year:Hasselt、2013 year:Trier/Luxembourg、Dana point、2014 year:UK、Hong Kong、2015 year:Bangkok), and held、Part of the proceeds to protect the Asian elephantAsian Elephant FoundationThe donated that is。2012 OctoberToThailandOfChiang MaiToELEPHANT PARADE elephant paradeThe shop is open、Click herePeninsula BangkokAnd I also seeELEPHANT PARADE elephant parade"Shops are open。Decorated with the works of numerous artists、If you purchase a portion of its sales donation will.


The size is、Large, medium, smallAnd、Price is proportional to the size, each with different。Elephants to butterflies、Is very colorful and cute piece!


At the back of the shop、Has held workshops to produce the original elephant!


Workshop、B1, 000 ( Japan yen and then around 3,600 Yen )The entries can be。Paint and fancy、Let's make the original elephant。Elephants can still take.

Let & # 8217s; s paint a brighter future!

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