The Peninsula Bangkok in elegant River Saud terrace in niederrad


"The Peninsula BangkokDeluxe rooms of "
Plugs become a rising morning sun, feeling good、
Sorry to say final, Thailand 10 days long journey starts from here views。
This time、"Pen PEN CLUB"On the take a reservation for、
Late check-out service、ThankfullyCheck out at 10 o'clock at nightEnabling、
Fortunately there are late-night flights for、I think even last one day want to enjoy Bangkok in full.


Morning sun is bright、Courtyard lush bright green turf carpet。


Chao Phraya RiverThe elegant morning while watching the morning。


Peninsula BangkokIt is of the first floor "River Cafe & terrace"In the buffet and wake-up。
International cuisine is the order.、
Authentic Thailand dishes started.、Pasta and bread、Equipped with fish dishes and Western-style meat dishes.


In the Western-style booth、Chunks of freshly fried and large meat roast pork in place of your choice amount minutes sliced us、
Sauce with honey ginger and sweet & sour sauce。
And、Wiener is the number of types、Of course、Is provided in a warm State。
In Thailand dishes placed at the back booth、Vegetable fried rice or fried rice、Noodles in Thailand、
In additionNoodle (Thailand language:บะหมี่)It is saidThailand style soup noodleHits。
Hot and warm、Cold ones cold designed and provided、
Many products、Staff it's pleasant staff、This buffet is really love.


I wake up Western-style system for you、
Her husband's breakfast of Thai food、As always in sight。
Last days to the weather with、Could be a refreshing breakfast!


A green salad with salmon, ham and salami、
You can wake-up coffee to delicious croissant ♪


Fried egg and roast pork


Croissants and pies


Fruit of our tropical


Noodle (Thailand language:บะหมี่)It is saidThailand style soup noodle。
Is the presence of soup noodle Naam (soup stock) and is divided into the noodle hen (without soup)。
Here is、Choose a favorite fixture plate、Will cook at the Thailand food booth。
The taste of the soup itself is really plain、In front of sweet, various condiment of spicy, acid and salt his is finished to your taste!


Service Kudasaru carrying just muffins and scones were baked also ♪
A full belly.、It's just about、They want is so dangerous (lol)


Sales ManagerChaiwat Klchaisit (commonly known as:Wat Chai, pictured right).
The services Asst.Oboe Napat Watthanasan (commonly known as:You and the left photo).
So who goes to morning greetings、
It has served as the general managerカ ー チ ャ · ヘ ン ケ Katja HenkeWith hope to meet again、
Wat ChaiSan was please call ♪


Of general managerカ ー チ ャ · ヘ ン ケ Katja HenkeMr. Both is the reunion of six months swing! (Happy)
Also the last kick in、Take your time and、Frank, a nice female staff very helpfulKatjaSan。
And a hug、Able to enjoy the reunion after a long time!


Am、I think our hearts to the city for the purpose of。
"The Peninsula Bangkok"Now、
Hotel's guests with peace of mind, you can use4 free shuttle boatsToMorning from 6: 00 evening 23:30Until the
And in the constant-time navigation、Across the riverOriental Pier Oriental PierAndPeninsula landing The Peninsula Pier、
In addition to theSaphan TaksinTrain station Saphan Taksin StationUntil can go
Sathorn Pier Sathorn PierUntil the guides you through 3 routes。
Even to this day and boarding、Saphan TaksinTrain station Saphan Taksin StationUntil can go
Sathorn Pier Sathorn PierTo thank you ♪


サ パ ー ン タ ー ク シ ン 駅 Saphan Taksin StationThe ticket vending machine、
Ride IC cardThe per capita37THB (about 140 yen in Japanese Yen)Buy、
BTSTo ride、National Stadium Station National Stadium StationTo a and o!
Next in line、Thailand young
I also said epicenter of Thai cultureNational Stadium stationOf the area
There is a huge shopping center, such as Akiba referred to in Japan "MBK" introduction!

The Peninsula Bangkok
Location:333 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 861 2888

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