Prestigious Regent Taipei hospitality filled with five-star hotels!

Located in the Taipei center and Zhongshan areas、A modern and elegant 5-star luxury hotel "Regent Taipei Regent Taipei-Jing Hua hotel"To!

In the prestigious and renowned as one of the Taiwan Hotel Regent Taipei、60Provides the total 538 guest rooms and suites、Surrounded by greenery in the city, but also will be the hotel to spend some relaxing moments!

Restaurant、An American-style Steakhouse "ROBIN & # 8217s; S Grill" and teppanyaki style of Japanese-French Fusion "ROBIN & # 8217s; S teppan-yaki.、Chinese cuisine "Jing Hua hotel"、"Orchid Pavilion"、Robata-Yaki and Shabu-Shabu、Japan dishes such as roast meat ' third his head "、Buffet restaurant "Brasserie"、And there are various genres、And provides rich food!

1Getting on the floor at the front lobby.、There were huge Atrium Hotel Central、Presence shows that Taipei's first Grand Café "azie"! There are high ceilings open sitting areas、Arranged a grand piano in the Center、Providing us with a chic, gorgeous moments、Adults can enjoy!

This accommodation offers, not only let us stopovers、Friends was transferred as a sales representative click hereKenji TakahashiIs it to HK airport hotel!

Current、Basement upstairs in the restaurant "Taste Lab"、2018That collaboration with Belgium was started more than one day, March 3D movie "world's smallest Peacock (Le Petit Chef) have dubbed buzz!

And the "world's smallest cocks (Le Petit Chef).、Is the Skull Mapping technology company in Belgium and a Sense Media works。

Sit on the seat and appear on the table height about 5 cm little chef、Struggling on a plate、It is humorously to make cooking courses、Popular 3D projection mapping and now!

This collaboration event、To echo shake too much、And definite period of time and then extended for a while, have been held since、If you are interested contact us is try!

In the Executive Club Lounge (Executive Club Lounge) on the 19th floor of the hotel、Mr. Takahashi and hotel information exchanging chat time!

I want to stay and the next! Takahashi-San, thank you!

Regent Taipei Regent Taipei Taipei Jing Hua hotel
Location:Taiwan Taipei Taipei Zhongshan North Road staged 39 no. 3, lane
TEL:+886 2 2523 8000

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