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"Mandarin Oriental Taipei Mandarin Oriental, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei Taipei"In the elegant stays the rest became less!

"The Mandarin cake shop The Mandarin Cake Shop at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei bmbou flower cake"The time relaxing on the terrace!

And choosing a gift products in the shop、I heard a lovely Madame people speak in Japan。

And you will involuntarily attendants、From Kansai Japanese Madam who was、The last day of the Taipei travel seems was enjoying visit Mandarin!

Mandarin in Japanese with had ever had a chance to、Just be happy、Then we were standing chatting。Anything、In Taiwan, in Taiwan many times to visit comeDetached tail tips, see (Hidemi Too).、Taipei travel and guide the first Taiwan your friends while you were、We see this your edge Memorial、Please let me join the photography Mandarin before that! Great help thank you rim!

Go back to your room、Packing of luggage after check out!

When、Reception of American-bred Japanese staff Bobby Takamura's gave the attendants!

As you'd expect、You grew up in the United States, there、Pronunciation and humour、Flooding in the sense of intimacy、A nice gentleman sore constant smile from beginning to end! Born in meeting new people like this、Is the world really feel real pleasure of the journey!

Stay at the Mandarin a graceful time to spend in a dreamy mood、Surrounded by their favorite、Tearfully said goodbye to the hotel after!

Taipei Mandarin Oriental (Mandarin Oriental Taipei)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei
Location:No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

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2018/4/26Taiwan travel /Mandarin Oriental Taipei Vol.2


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"Mandarin Oriental Taipei, private club floor lounge morning Champ Palais de Sin Taipei lobby European Castle reminiscent to five-star hotels
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei, private club floor lounge morning Champ
Palais de Sin Taipei lobby European Castle reminiscent to five-star hotels


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