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Breakfast with "Gloria Prince Taipei, their vegetable garden organic vegetables


And even in the Centre of Taipei、Forest North along Zhongshan areas should be located in "Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei huatai Prince Hotel"Now、Mark Lin Sen North Road surrounded by trees, good morning!


Hotel consisting of all dining and breakfast room on the first floor "restaurant lidiot L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"I'll have breakfast at a good balance!

No room at the entrance... should I tell、US guides us to seat!

Breakfast is、In our variety of cuisine in buffet style Western of organic vegetables grown in their garden and Taiwan cuisine that mixes、Noteworthy points、Still, hotel ownerFudy Chen Chen Hisashi Fukudaがつくり出す有機農園の新鮮なオーガニック野菜をたっぷりと味わえることでしょう!

Omelet plates
An omelet、Onion、Bacon、Cheese、Toppings such as corn can be ordered in the free、Each time、ふわふわ仕上げで中しっとりと焼き立てオムレツを提供してくれます!お好みでトマトケチャップを添え生野菜やポテトサラダベーコンなどと一緒に楽しみましょう!

Homemade bread
レストラン横の 「リディオットベーカリー(L’IDIOT BAKERY)驢子烘焙坊」で毎朝焼き立てを提供する自家製パンも様々な種類を楽しめます!パンが美味しいと朝から気分上々です!

Fresh fruit with yogurt is indispensable!

Her husband、As always with rice or noodle、On the day the Japanese set menu configuration、Natto on rice、Miso soup、Fried eggs、Dried plums、And Japanese pickles、Along with the small dishes will accompany dinner!

For breakfast、Came to the lounge to see friends stagger and was promised an appointment!

Taiwan people's friendHiroshi Shigeru (Bernard Lin), it is、And is currently active in the Taichung Hotels、Summer night in vivid color showed a fantastic photograph of fireflies dancing! In Taichung、For still not Jacuzzi、I think I would like to ask if you have the chance!

Graphic design company "Sprint running ZouZou Design Studio run by、Pop-up coffee stand "Eaves Coffee"The active as owner Lee medium Kaoru (Lee Pei-Syun)-Kun、Came to play, got a new prototype of the "coffee pop corn" will be released!

The smell of fresh coffee、Adult sweet humble popcorn、Good scents、Good texture、Good package provides you with new products! Lee-Kun、To be able to participate in events related to coffee in Tokyo、After apparent、Come try your hand!

Visit、Specialist helped me,Marcom 賴-year-old Jie (Tsai-Chieh Lai) To say thank you very much、Check out the hotel、To your next destination!

Lidio it restaurant L ' IDIOT 驢 child 餐廳
TEL:+886 2 2581 5811
Hours of operation:Lunch:11:30-14:30、Dinner:17:30-21:30
Cafe opening times:12:00-23:00

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei (China business)
Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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Café Crema La Crema, help Ma 咖 caffes shop rich gives the healing time
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