See 32 row House Villa32 "exploring geothermal Valley of the Beitou hot springs after an elegant breakfast

In Taiwan's hot springs "Beitou hot springs(Beitou) "the ultimate private feeling of having a natural geothermal hot springs filled with compact lagujare resort hotel"32 Hotel Villa. 32I will take a walk around the area before breakfast!

This area is、Including kitatotsu park to geothermal valley centering on Hokutokei、With a total area of 60,000 square meters, theBesso ParkI positioned it as、 Many historical buildings of the Japanese rule period are also left、Brick "Beitou Hot Springs Museum"Introduction、"Taipei City Library Kitatsunkan", which has been selected as one of the "25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World", and "Open-air Hot Spring Bathhouse" which is a place for citizens to relax are set up.、You can see the townscape full of atmosphere!

The promenade along the stream of sulfur springs、It is installed around the geothermal valley、The fragrance of the sulfur spring is built in.、How white yue-ming can stand、It creates a fantastic landscape!

North and geothermal Valley – Beitou Thermal Valley hot spring temperatures range from about 80°C to 100°C、Geothermal valleys with hot water are hot and humid.、It is likely to get a beautiful skin effect just by being there!

On the way、There is also a gift shop and café called "Geothermal 舖 Factory"、You can find souvenirs unique to Behokutso Onsen!

From Villa32 to Geothermal Valley、Because it is an area where you can walk in a few minutes、It is recommended for a morning walk by all means!

Return to hotel、Have breakfast at The Restaurant, an all-dining breakfast venue!

From among the three mains of the breakfast menu、Order a healthy dish with plenty of salad "Sous vide organic egg munaigrette" when cooking organic eggs in a vacuum!

In addition to the main dish、Basket and fresh juice (Orange) with freshly baked homemade bread,wrapfruit,kiwi,Choice from mix)、Yogurt will be a set!

What about coffee after dinner?、Because of the good weather、While feeling the comfortable wind on the terrace seat、It is recommended to enjoy elegantly!

The short stay、In a luxurious space allowed only for adults、It was a hotel stay where I was able to spend a relaxing time both physically and mentally!

House at 32 Villa 32 (Villa32)
Location:No. 32, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City
TEL:+886(02) 6611-8888

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2018/4/24Taiwan Trip/Sanryokan Villa32 Bevying Vol.2


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