"The LALU" Rooms of private villas spread a spacious luxurious garden


Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort nestled on the shore "The LALU"The、
A building、B building、C building and is、Style C Museum was set up in the hotel at the back of a very private feeling.
"Courtyard Pool Villa"
PR ManagerJennie KuoTo be guided!


Entrance of the circular。


"Courtyard Pool Villa"

Nameplate with the sensor for、Hit the key、The door opens automatically.


Feeling heavy wooden door open、Expands the space away from there!


The total area of 165 square meters spacious leafy courtyard、It is equipped with its own private pool、
By the pool、Because there's also large Arbor、
Guests can enjoy a swim or rest, at any time without worrying about somebody else's eyes。
"Courtyard Pool Villa"The room has two doors、
Provides 2 rooms to the left and right.


On the courtyard terrace、You can optionally add the BBQ available for、
It is recommended in a group or family vacation!
Also、C hotel which left alone of the world can be maintained、
Has become popular with honeymoon couples.


"Courtyard Pool Villa"The view from the room on the right side。
Spread out in front of the living room is spacious and offer、
Simple and modern design of the wood with warts、
Add a little Asian、Increases the sense of open space.


Round dining table in the Center with dining room。


Elegant designed rooms overlooking the courtyard、
Established a bedroom with King-size bed、Invites to a comfortable night's sleep.


The bathrooms are、Equipped with double sinks、
Symmetry staff and base item。
Toilet with Washlet is provided at the back of the glass door.


The bathrooms in the rooms、Like the public bath in Japan-、
Equipped with the feel of the Japanese-style shower and tub、
Guests can enjoy spacious and comfortable。
In the enclosed marble bath tub、And the Japanese cypress、Provide healing to the modern.


Has a fireplace to relax Sofer said、
To be real fire with remote control switch、Enjoy a moment of quiet while watching a soft flame!


You will enjoy relaxing views from the bedroom cosy!


From the living room overlooks the courtyard completely、
Is designed Bay is available as Chair。
Tea table is placed、Provides moments of relaxation while sipping tea and relax!


The view from the living room。


And there are shower cubicle in the bathroom、
Equipped with double sink water park!


As well as water double sinks.。
Can be used in a large number of people in your family and friends are expected、Equipped with more water.


Now、Another room on the left side also tours let you ♪


Spacious bedroom attention。


Chic bathroom comfortably bathed in sunshine in the courtyard。


In the courtyard、Equipped with private pools can kids play free!


Small resting in Arbour Lake。


Sun Moon LakeThe lake view、On the right side of the hotel lakeside view "Moon lake"Next、
On the left side "Sun lake"Next I。
From our villa "Moon lake"Side views。
If you spend leisure time with private、
"Courtyard Pool Villa"Is recommended.

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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