"The LALU" Relax beautiful skin in the whirlpool SPA and herbal steam room


Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort nestled on the shores of "The LALU"。
The 8 floor of building B "Lalu Spa"Next、
Fitness Center is complimentary.、Sauna and SPA is provided at an additional cost。
Get SPA discount in the room、
Would you like to book would be.


"Lalu Spa"Now、By a professional therapist
You can get tuned massage special on stock essential aroma oils in natural。
In addition、Large jacuzzi bath、Herbal steam sauna、Provides features, such as、
It is possible to relax both mind and body.


Fill out the name and room number at the reception、The admission.


Colours and natural colour、Waiting area filled with restless。


Wood was comfortable、And subdued lighting brightness、
Relax in this peaceful time!


Men and women shared fully equipped bar waiting area。
If you use the sauna facilities provided by men and women、Would be good to meet up here!


L while perched on a complete alphabet、LeisurelySun Moon LakeThe guests can enjoy the beautiful landscape.


Sun Moon LakeTo visit the fantastic world。
All facilities boast Lake、While bathingSun Moon LakeYou can view。
The small island in front of gaping 'Lalu Island"Next、
Will be named the name of origin.


Dressing room has separate male and female。
Bath towels and bathrobes、Base item, all provided for、
It is possible to visit my room!


Room facing the Lake。
A view of the Lake from the window、Emits a pale and fragile beauty such as watercolor。


Herbal steam room and sauna facilities。
Press the switch in front of the entrance is the steam room、2~ 3 minutes ,We had steam and wait。
In the steam sauna provide body sold、
Scrub with a soft touch with plenty of sweat、
Finish your skin moisturized and glowing skin!


After a strenuous in the shower in the room、And gate in the bathtub with Jacuzzi。
A scenic change from moment to moment and committed himself to the blue world、
Let's welcome the quiet time.


After a relaxing sauna and Jacuzzi、To rehydrate and cool down。
Perhaps because the blood circulation is loose well become stiffness、Body weights were tired off!
This moment is very happy!

Lalu Spa
B Hotel 8th floor
Reservation extensions:6(Sauna and SPA reservation)
Hours of operation:Morning 8 a.m. to 23:00

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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