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"The LALU" Tasting the pedestal No.18 tea popular Sun Moon Lake in the tea shop



Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort hotel "The LALU"The、
8 floor hotel corridor "Tea Shop"Installed、
GuestsTaiwan teaThe "1Free tasting services (reservations required) "Has been hands-on.


Nantou handling specialty of high mountain tea
"Tea Shop"In the tasting service and booked at the front desk、
We will be tasting!

Tea Shop
8 floor hotel corridor
Reservation extensions: 0
Hours of operation:Sunday-Friday 9:00-21:00、Saturday 9 am:00To 22:00


Sun Moon LakeThat is the most famous tea、
Now in "Sun Moon Lake pedestal No.18 tea"And the very popular!


PR ManagerJennie KuoA while for English、
We will be tasting!


The tea master who is in charge of、BayleeMr.! Xie Xie!


Here "Alishan Mountain oolong tea"。
"Alishan Mountain oolong tea"The、Is the blue hearts Oolong variety high mountain oolong tea。
Alishan Mountain became famous in Taiwan region、
"Alishan Mountain oolong tea"The、Pure sweet taste done though and very popular it is!


Tea teacherBaylee.、Check out the scent!


Before the tasting、Enjoy the aroma!


Put the tea leaves in the warmed lid Bowl。


To the edge of the bowl and pour boiling water、Cover and infuse for。
Somewhat depends on tea infuse、Is approximately 1 roasting is one minute and will be one minute and a half。


In between the tea、
Pour hot water into the tea cup from the Brown sea、Hot cup of tea ago!


When you are finished murashi、Slide the lid a little bit、Tea to last up to 1 drop of clean tea sea transfers。


Pour a cup of tea from tea sea put、Enjoy delicious freshly brewed Taiwan tea.


"Alishan Mountain oolong tea"

"Alishan Mountain oolong tea"The、Giving off the scent of fruit and flowers、
In addition to comfortable and refreshing drink, such as green tea、Is characterized by gentle sweet aftertaste.


In sweet relief to、Warm up from the core of the body、A refreshing smell.


Taiwan tea is different from green tea in Japan、Tea leaves steaming is spread the large leaves、2Roasting eye、3Carpe diem, and decoctions、
In high-quality tea leaves、5The delicious roasting eyes。
Taiwan tea finish leaving a tea leaf shape、Compared to the Japan tea steamed leaf and made、
Tea extract that leach out slowly for、4Roasting eye-5 also in decoctions
Is where you can enjoy delicious tea and distinct flavor.


Tea is sold!


Buddha figurines。


Cute old man figurine。


Feel the spunky Verve figurine。


Next in line、Most popular "Sun Moon Lake pedestal No.18 tea"We will!


Sun Moon LakeThe、India Assam and almost located at the same latitude、
Large temperature difference between the day and night、1Suitable for tea cultivation in humid climates throughout the year、
Sun Moon Lake teaOf history、In 1925, Japan rule age brought tea seedlings、
Start from where they began cultivating Japanese experts。
Sun Moon Lake teaThe main varieties are、
"Virgin taneyama tea"、"AKAN hisatsu Hemudu tea"、"Jonathan tea"For there are three!


"Sun Moon Lake pedestal No.18 tea"

"Sun Moon Lake pedestal No.18 tea"The、Sun Moon LakeOf there specialty "Assam Tea"Of one of the varieties in、
Kake合wase perilla species of wild tea trees and Myanmar will be。
Guests can enjoy fresh cinnamon-scented sweet bittersweet fruit flavor、Is a unique tea!


Has also been selling tea leaves.


PR ManagerJennie Kuois、
Taiwan teaAndSun Moon Lake teaThe told me the features! (Xie Xie! )


In the hotel "Tea Shop"In a while sipping fragrant tea、
We recommend enjoying the relaxing time!

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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