"The LALU" To a modern resort hotel nestled on the Lake side of Sun Moon Lake


Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort hotel nestled on the shores of
"The LALU"。
Here is that once the former PresidentChiang Kai-shekThe Villa is、
Has been used as a place to invite to come visit the vacation or Taiwan Foreign Minister。
After that、Village forest Group CEOLai Chang-yiAnd then get the right、
Over about five years, and renovation、2002Plays a long-awaited opening in March。
Hotel、Australia's world renowned architectural designerKerry HillResponsible design、
The design theme "simple" and "Zen" concept
"The tree"、"Stone"、"Glass"、Four of the "iron" is a modern first class hotel consisting of materials.


The name of the hotel、Sun Moon LakeOn the small island "Lalu Island"From the named。
Sun Moon Lake area is a residential area of Taiwan Aboriginal Thao (Thao tribe).、
"Lalu Island"The、Is the Holy land dwelling ancestors of Thao.


Through bamboo thickets in the cool atmosphere、Forward into the driveway and large Bell greets!


At the entrance、Twitter's bird in the cage、Comfortable and feel good、
And enshrines the two lions (guardian)、Quietly like watching guest。
AKAN (OH) shape, shape with open mouth posture、Mouth closed to UN (I) shape Yes say a "guardian"、
Your "Aun (OH)" means。
And gaping lion right、
Visitors from all over the world to prayer goes placed coins!


The General Manager was welcomed by a refreshing smileStanley CheongAnd
PR ManagerJennie KuoWillie LiaoAlong with the photo at the entrance.


With free Wi-Fi and using the design at the front counter。
In the background the beautifulSun Moon LakeAsk the。
Next to the front desk has a lobby lounge、
Usually you for a welcome tea in your check-in and will be!


Before check-in of the PR ManagerJennie KuoAnd
Willie LiaoStaff facilities easy ♪ (Xie Xie!)


The building "Minimalism" And "Zen"Architectural design based on、
A building、B building、C building three houses from history.、Boasts a 26690 square meters of total area。
A hotel's room、B Hotel's Spa、Jim、Sauna、Recreational facilities, including a members ' Club、
C hotel is a villa area、Conference room、Library、Includes parking!


"Pearl in the center of Taiwan"And honoredSun Moon LakeViews、
You can spend a quiet moment "The LALU"。
For architects and designersKerry HillThe、
The LALUThe architectural design "Ongoing Style"And the call、
Has taken the peculiar style of"forward"。
With its stately building、10 year、20Do not clean even after years、
And with high value buildings.


For this day at noon、First is a Chinese restaurant on the 7th floor, B building
"The Lake View Chinese Restaurant"At lunchtime and let's!

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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