"Mt. Fuji Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office" It tells the Shizuoka charm with Taiwan!


Japan, Shizuoka friends! Did you know?
The、"Discovery。Shizuoka five senses"That site launched、TaiwanFor you guysShizuoka JapanOr PR、
Japan-Taiwan relationsHave been working hard in order to facilitate daily
"Mt. Fuji Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office"It has a representative office。
Place、Very popularZhongshanTwo Nanjing dong areaUnion Commercial BuildingIn the located on the 13th floor.


Union Commercial BuildingThe climb to 13th floor elevators and、
Logo of Mount Fuji of the simple yet stylish strokes comes into the eyes!
Here isTaiwanThe designer who worked "Mt. Fuji Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office"For it is a sign!


"Mt. Fuji Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office"The step into the Office and、
All over the placeShizuokaThe studded charm、Tapestries posters of the Thomas locomotive and Mt. Fuji、
ShizuokaThe guidebooks to introduce every corner are located.


On this day "Mt. Fuji Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office"Of which served as a Director of
Teizo Miyazaki-And I to see you came to。
Teizo Miyazaki-Mr. a、TainanIn 6 years、TaipeiIn three years of long history of units、
Taiwan (Taiwan and Shizuoka)It is being carried out and launched a number of planning for Veterans!
This time the、Taiwan (Taiwan and Shizuoka)You will discuss the friendly relations between、You could get a lot of information!
We like that he will proceed smoothly、LittleladeEven if they cooperate I believe。
TaiwanNow、Shizuoka PrefectureThe published guide book (Chinese) tourist guide、
"Shizuoka"TheTaiwanFor you guys "Shizuoka = Jìnggāng (Chinese reading)"And which is known、
Mt. FujiAndGreen teaChibi Maruko-ChanIn the famous!


Mt. Fuji Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office Director:Teizo Miyazaki-


Taiwanese artistDesign and、ShizuokaThe mascot character
"Fuji Okako (left)' With protégé "Shizucha Hai Hai (right)"Along with the picture!
This is made by hand and、Plush cushions to boast excellent touch!
We are to care for that one of a kind、At various eventsTeizo Miyazaki-Facebook and actively involved with。
TaipeiIn the of to enjoy continued success、Try checking the site everyone!

Mt. Fuji Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office
Address:No. 137, Section 2, Nanjing E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2508 1515

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