Intends to join the supporters Club "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport" World Heritage Mt. Fuji deals!


2013 June,Has been certified as a World Heritage Site in the "Mt. Fuji"Shizuoka Prefecture Makinohara there is
2009 June,It has been opened in "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport"The、
In the domestic、Sapporo、Fukuoka、Naha、4 lines of Kagoshima、
On international flights、Seoul、Operated numerous Charter flights with regular flights to various parts of China, Shanghai。
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportTo the、40 min. by car from Shizuoka city、50 min. by car from Hamamatsu City、
From the nearest expressway interchange 10 minutes to 15 minutes and is located in the access location。

[Equipped with 2,000 free parking]
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportNow、Is equipped with parking, 2000、
For effortless parking、During their business trip or travel with peace of mind、Available free of charge throughout the day regardless of the time it is possible and very convenient!
Even holding the big suitcase、Airport parking place just around the corner and move effortlessly!

This timeTaiwanOf the capitalTaipei CityTo the flight of the trip、
"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportThan "、"CHINA AIRLINES airlines"In the
In Taiwan's capital, Taipei "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To go。
The flight time、19:40 nightAre scheduled for、Into the airport at approximately 2 hours prior to departure、
1F international and domestic lines check-in countersIn the check in and check out。
Assume your case to congestion or trouble、Early action is recommended.


Fuji Shizuoka Airport Supporters Club

Fuji Shizuoka Airport Supporters ClubAnd the、
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportIn order to support individual membership organization、
Become a member and、Information about the Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport、For example、Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport flights travel plan announcements、
Notice of Charter flights、You will receive an event field information campaigns and promote the airport use, such as。
It is also、And services by participating store、Provides many benefits, such as discounts on package travel、
You can catch one soon very convenient information is for those who are using the Fuji Shizuoka Airport!
Since the member free the person who is using the Fuji Shizuoka Airport is recommended registration ♪

Fuji Shizuoka Airport Supporters Club


Fuji Shizuoka Airport Supporters ClubThe perks、
In particular companies、Cash Back campaign of flight costsThe is the main check because it has been carried out!
Fuji Shizuoka Airport companies Supporters ClubNow、
2015Year October 1 to December 31Until the、Member companies to
Of the 2015 fiscal third term "Business Support Campaign"Is carried out。

During the period、Employees of member companies are using Shizuoka airport flights、
One way 2000 yen、Round trip for 4000 yen.、1Up to 50000 yen for membersMember companies are cash-back。
Also special fourth stage as the campaign、
Seibu in Shizuoka Prefecture、Tobu Community companies is the amount of cash backOne way 1000 yen、At 2000 yen.Will be increased。
Kosai city's Western region、Hamamatsu City、Iwata-Shi、Kakegawa city、Kikugawa city、Please, omaezaki-Shi、Minamimori-machi、East is East of Fuji, Shizuoka city。
In addition、Shizuoka airport destinations Seoul、Shanghai、If you travel to other airports such as Thailand and Indonesia, through the Taipei、
Riding transit times will be added by cash back 2000 yen (RT)。

Third phase of the cash backTo receive、
Along with the required documents to the matters required application form2016On January 31Before in requires you to submit。


Keyword of Shizuoka Prefecture of empty passenger terminal building in consideration of the ease of use as the gateway to "Hospitality"。
"I'm glad to come ♪"And aims at making airport satisfaction。
The Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport in、Very compact refrigerators、For short distances, such as、
Even if you're for the first time use it would perform the procedure with confidence ♪


2Shop is in the departure lobby、The purchase of souvenirs, such as this are possible。
In the stall next to café bar、Would be nice to use adjusting the time before the flight.


"F-air (2F / shop)."

It has been released specialties and souvenirs of Shizuoka "F-air (2F / shop)"。
Hours of operation:7:00-19:00
Not to mention to go on a trip、We'll find your send-off and visits to recommended products。

Next to the cafe "Tabi Cha fe"。
Hours of operation:9:30-19:00(LO18:45-
Centering on Shizuoka tea and sweets, snack Cafe service and travel to recreation and Exchange place。
Popular premium raw cream soft "CREMIA ~ Kuremia ~We can experience the "♪


「Runway Shop “FSZ”(3F / aviation goods specialty store) "

Prefecture only aviation goods specialty store "Runway Shop “FSZ”(3F / aviation goods specialty store)"It is sorted!
Shizuoka airport original toy, toy airline、A lot of the airport products。
Also on the 3rd floor、Installed Flight Simulator can experience flight 5-meter course from beginner to advanced、
You can experience the pilot feels、Children are very popular.


3F "Numazu fish is sushi FOOD COURT"

In the Prefecture、Even outside of the popular "Numazu fish shop over sushi"I appeared in Fuji Shizuoka Airport!
Airport original menu is also available.。
Restaurant meal in the airport is currently only click here。

Death Numazu fish sushi Fuji Shizuoka Airport shops
Hours of operation:Moon、Water、Soil 7:00To 18:30(L.O17:45-、Fire、Wood、Gold、Day 7:00-19:00 (L.O18:30-


3F Terminal Building Observation Deck

The terminal building 3rd floor observation deck、And facing the direction of Mt. Fuji、Vista is the best!
The fence is some glass.、The rest is chicken wire、
Wire parts、It is possible that have camera holes for use when taking a picture。
This time the、Night flight for views was、
Mt. Fuji、Clear the air will be worshipping the appearance during the time in the winter.


1F China Airlines check-in counter

China AirlinesThe economy-classFree checked baggage allowance (suitcase)The、
1Case20kgUp and regulated。
Carry-on baggageThe、As a general rule would be one per。
You may bring a carry-on baggage、
3Sum of the sides115cm withinAndW23cmxH36cmxD56cm withinIn weighing7kg withinAnd will be。
Baggage exceeding standard size and carry bag、During your flightChecked baggage allowanceLump and。
Carry-on baggageThe restrictions are、Especially womenLiquid carry-on inCosmetic products (lotions, gels, creams etc)The note is required。
Liquid、Each100ml containersTo put the、
All of the containerWith a resealable transparent plastic bag(Total 40 cm below aspect bags) in the storage and、1L withinThere are provisions to。
Checking is less.、Be prepared to defend the provision.

Click here for airlines checked baggage or carry-on baggage!


At the check-in counter、
And present a valid passport and the boarding pass ticket、Free checked baggage allowance (suitcase)I leave!


2F security checkpoint

After you put in the luggage (suitcase)、Facing the international departure gate、
Security checkpointThe passenger in the cabin baggage and passengers ' possessionsSecurity checkDo。
Hat、Take off your jacket、Shoes and belts with metal fittings, metal, etc.、Not use 外shimashou responds metal detector accessories。
Like digital cameras and notebook computers、You must make the desk tray。
Allow the smoothly、Choose a simple attachment/detachment flight clothing.


2F international boarding area

After a day without problems in the immigration security check、Until boarding time is free time、
No lounge and Cafe at the Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport、Will wait on this second international flight boarding area。
The spacious to relax in a café, etc.、We recommend gimpp to last time!


"Duty Free Shop DUTY FREE SHOP (Duty Free Shop)"

2A F international flight boarding area、
The only small "Duty Free Shop DUTY FREE SHOP (Duty Free Shop)"And、
Next to them there is selling sweets and drinks。
Duty-free goods. (Alcohol and tobacco-brand cosmetics) have been sold Shizuoka souvenir etc. ♪


International Wi-FiIf you use a、By far the most "GLOBAL WiFi global WiFi"Is a good idea, reasonably priced!
You always go abroad、Click hereGlobal Wi-FiWe are available、
No Wi-Fi area at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport、
Wi-Fi we assist you to rent in the way I first mailed in advance。
Ago trip departure date will receive a home Wi-Fi。

If you register as a Member、Special discount coupons will be sent by email on a regular basis。
This also、Deals1,000Yen discount couponReceptionist!
Coupons are valid until、So it is possible to pass the access (code coupon code) to a friend、
No soon chance go abroad yourself、Would be nice to get some close friends intend to go abroad。
Upon departure is determined、Application in advance on the Internet、Global Wi-FiThe official homepage!

GLOBAL WiFi global WiFi


Current、"Travel abroad and overseas corporate support campaign"Because you are、
Taiwan isUsually 870 yen per day: 670 Yen / dayAnd save money!
So you get、I tried add the option。
The plan added、With compensation or additional batteryLightplane 500 yen per dayIt is。
If body damage or damage on the road、The original will be borne、
With the compensation plan is safe。
Also、Additional batteries as well as the body、
For the possible charging of smartphones、It is very useful to go out for a long time!

Light plan outline
-Safe compensation Pack full (rental loss, theft or damage to compensate 100% of communications equipment repairs or replacement cost)
-Mobile battery (WiFi equipment、You can charge smartphones、Battery can be carried)

The rent in this plan were、
Multi plug outlet for foreign and overseas Wi-Fi router、Battery outlet、Four mobile battery。
1One is housed in a case so convenient portability。
Even if this、While abroad、Can be used in the same sense as when you are in Japan Smartphone、
Or take advantage of translation app、Google map to start、At all times、A stable Internet environmentBecause it is a great help to me!
You do not understand how to use the、Ask via email or phone in advance!



Wi-Fi after returning home to rent complete set in bag included、
Listed in the document, just send it back OK! And、It is very easy!


Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport, many flights to China、Because overwhelmingly large user of Chinese tourists
In the duty free shop、Household appliances such as rice cookerBut it was sold in pre-mountain! (Surprise)
Again Japan steel appliances seems to sales is good ♪


Here next to duty free shop、
It will be the shop to purchase snacks such as candy and drinks ♪


Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport supporters Club member and、
At this shopUse half a year can drink service ticket♪ that you will receive


Products displayed in a shop drinks in the red circle sticker、
Previous drink service ticket one and (one once of one usable per voyage)Exchange is possibleIt is。
AlsoAlcohols such as beer plus feeIn will enable exchange ♪


2f international flight boarding area and Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport in a very compact size for、
Don't worry about the departure gate also lose less。
Feeling like the domestic overseas flights views for、I think that the airport can rest assured overseas newbie。
Now、Finally time!
Next in line、"CHINA AIRLINES airlines"It is a flight of introduction in ♪

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport


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