New Open "N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store" Steak restaurants of aging meat


TaipeiThe leading hotel in the Lake area in the developing
"Grand Victoria Hotel"In the
Popular restaurant "N°168 PRIME Steakhouse"、
DaanOf the area "Pacific SOGO Dunhua Museum"On the 7th floor as a sister store
"N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store"Has been opened.


Pacific SOGOThe、Japanese"Sogo department store"And Taiwan's"Pacific Construction"And was established as a joint-venture company、
TaiwanIn the Department store-based and will be!


"N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store"The entrance is、
Giving out classic art deco design、
Modern, luxurious atmosphere is different from the head office。
It is also a lit shop name in projector spotlight at the entrance of the floor”168”The numbers are、
And good luck in the pronunciation of the Chinese numbers、TaiwanIs is not appointed as the numbers are very popular.


Shop、A serene look.、For a luxurious space。
Utilizing the open kitchen in the middle of the Hall and spacious open feeling、
How to cook in the oven the。
Enveloped in the smell of cooking meat、Build a tantalizing live is the same as the head office。
French production enamel cast iron pot "STAUB"Hot steak using the provided、
The copper pot、Sturdy, high quality "Mauviel"It is a big success!
The shine on the desktop、Luxury tableware "Narumi"Has been used。
Behind 30-furnished private room up to 50 people are available、
Available with various applications such as meal while enjoying a meal or event.


On this day、Grand Victoria HotelThe owner's daughter in
Valerie LuAnd my masterFrank L.H.HuangWith lunch!

2 people、lade-Of the planning[Traditional handicrafts of Japan to travel the silk series]As、
Toyama Prefecture Nanto boasts a history of over 140 years in the city "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."For in the traditional arts and crafts
Barge silkThe oversized stallMatsui kigyo sixth generationOfMs. Noriko MatsuiIs it to pretend you、We introduce!

Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Handle "Barge silk"、2Three silkworm weaves together power
Woven with miracle dupioni[Crystal of love of two]Give birthIs a great fabric come。
Before you travel to Taiwan from Japan、Japan celebrates traditional crafts of Japan-Taiwan relations better[Marriage]As possible.、
You choose the products, we have been awarded.

We will introduce youMatsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Of the product、With excellent local products Japan should be proud "The Wonder 500"Also has been elected、
The other day、"Taiwan Design Expo 2015"But published in the exhibition
Brand new "Johanas"The will be on silk (SILK)。

Impressed by the spring in warm, friendly smile、
And combines the beauty occupies an enviableValerie LuThe、
"Afflelomoi"And stall titled soft blue-green shades are perfect!


Grand Victoria HotelThe Italian and Steakhouse、
Executive Chef partitioning the Western food banquet halls, etc.Thomas ChiuJust when was carried feet、
I'm happy I met、Staff around the photo!
"Johanas"The drape silk scarfValerie LuThe figure is、
Very cute and nice!


"PRIME"="Outstanding、Top ranked"And is worthy of its name cellars、
And thoroughly manage the room temperature、We offer American Kobe beef and Australia produced。
Basically45Day agingThe cooked stuff.、
Availability of meat and type、Parts、The climate "Good for eating"For the different、
Daily checked by a chef, has been made.


We visited the chilly cellars、
Simplified Chinese, Feng (Robert Chien)Photo with meat loaf with heavy weight feel!


Open kitchen with live!
Aged meat、The first burned in the hot plate into the oven、
Leave the confines of the steak gravy、American oak firewood scent as provided。
Smoke in the oven instead of chips、And use a complete wood、
Steak marinated in Quercus acutissima Carr、Good scents、Meat flavor、Are going to so-called rich。
In here to "Grilled"The commitment、200Washington Times 'Wood StoneAnd the oven "
In addition to high temperatures of 250 degrees over Australia's "BEECH OVENS"Of using the oven、
The ♪ has used properly by applications


Can accommodate up to 50 people for private rooms、With the sparkle of crystal chandeliers、
Luxurious shows poise in a chic dress.


Be displayed prominently on the wall of a private party event Hall、
Valerie LuThe picture image ego cousin, drew
Great atmosphere, impressive。
Now、Enjoy delicious aged meat while listening to suggest here is next in line.

N°168 PRIME Steakhouse dunhua store
Address:No. 246, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City (SOGO Dunhua Museum, 7 F)
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-15:00、Saturday and Sunday 11:30-15:00
Dinner:18:00To 22:30、Saturday and Sunday 17:30To 22:30( L.O.21:30-

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