"Taipei Marriott Hotel" A variety of ball room having the Garden Chapel of air garden


TaipeiIn the most developed, which has developed "Neihu area"And called large or district、
New soft-opened in the summer of 2015 "Taipei Marriott Hotel"。
Marriott HotelThe、6 Fu Group and 10,000 international hotel chain, introduced jointly by Australia international group。
320 guest rooms and suites furnished rooms in five-star luxury hotel、
Buffet-style restaurant、Another five, including restaurants Teppanyaki restaurant & bar、
TaipeiIn the largest 3,000 m² (can accommodate up to 1200 people) huge multipurpose event space (Ballroom)、
Meeting room、Fitness Center、Pool、Will be integrated hotel facilities include a shopping arcade.


Provided by hotel 5th floor "Junior Ballroom"The、
145 m² (44 square meters) next、Can accommodate up to 120 banquet。
Of the same typeJunior ball roomIs and there is another one、
Opening and partition、1It is possible to make one giant Ballroom。
Meeting and dinner、As the wedding banquet、Suitable for use becomes possible.


Elegant chandeliers for Swarovski Crystal、
In the hotel's largest multi-purpose event space (Ballroom)
"Grand Ballroom"The space is 1,260 square meters (381 square meters) and proud of Taipei's largest、
And max 1500、Will be banquet room setting can be flexible to suit your requirements.


"The Sherwood Taipei"And
"Taipei Marriott Hotel"The supervising Chinese restaurant
Head ChefKo Kang FeiReunite with、Staff in the kitchen! (Xie Xie! )
Ko Kang FeiThe kitchen of this discretion、30Leading a team banquet.


The kitchen leads scale banquet capacity 1000 persons、
Spacious and、Filled with clean。
It is approximately 600 people make a huge pot one!
Just finished the big feast day、And as if unused, as beautifully uncluttered kitchen、
Head ChefKo Kang FeiOf the stunning work Buri.


Lined up in enormous refrigerators!


Oven too big!


Other amenities include cremation site of charcoal!


Head ChefKo Kang FeiUs demonstrate to a huge wok!
Let me have my.、It is difficult in a very heavy wok very swinging with one hand。
Look slimmerKo Kang FeiThat is the、Actually boasts a tough body!


Through the arches on the 8th floor of the hotel provides beautiful corridor、
Let's to the garden Chapel.


The air garden lush is surrounded by sky and the tall tower、
Vantage "Garden Chapel"Available。
Next to it is、500 m² (151 square meters) with pride、Capacity of 300-400 "Garden Villa"And it features、
Will be ticking a fantastic and elegant, while being in a city wedding.

Taipei Marriott Hotel
Location:No. 199, Lequn 2nd Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 8502 9999

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