"Silks Place Yilan" Eastern Taiwan's largest amusement park "Luna Plaza"


"Silks Place Yilan"In the
Eastern Taiwan's largest amusement spot "Luna PlazaOrchid Crescent square"I introduce the ♪


Around the region、For Japan during the colonial period was in prison、
And the remnants of the time "Guard tower"There。


Total area 42000 square meters, boasting a hugeLuna PlazaThe first floor-4th floor、
Has become the fashion, food and beverage outlets shopping mall、
Upper floor 6 floor-is a huge amusement park with a hotel on the 11th floor.
3 basement floors and parking can accommodate 1005 vehicles on the 4th floor and available、
On the second basement supermarket "Carrefour"Enter、
In the basement、1,246Has become a bicycle parking lot that can accommodate bicycles and motorcycles.


Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoAnd
The Marketing Communications Asst.ManagerAnnie Lin、To explain as you will find、
The front desk staffJack ChangTo get interpreters、Luna PlazaWill be guided through.


Taiwan's famous "Eslite"Even shop has been。
"Eslite"、In Taiwan's first 24-hour bookstores、
Not only this product、
High-quality cafes and shopping malls、And it features a cultural center、
Is a new concept that combines art with commercial lifestyle shopping center.


"Coco ichibanya"
Curry in Japan is very popular!


Japan Pork cutlet Opuntia are also popular!


100Yen is not。39This is the original!


Luna Plaza4In the floor movie theater "Lunacinemax"And features、
Silks Place YilanIn the guest room、
In the accommodationAll movies are free of chargeIn a surprise that enjoy the benefits!
In addition to the hotel in UNIQLO、Film appreciation service、
All from the hotel owner's idea and achieve、
For guests [You want to meet them like family] And thought how was that service was started!
It is very nice owners.


Luna Plaza1On the floor、Includes SEIKO clock and automatic playing piano!


Time is 17:00 evening and、Begins to move the clock with music box、
Five shopping malls of our mascot (Luna、Lara、Cindy、Ray、Mick) dancing。
Accurately rendered SEIKO clock。
In the melody of flowing every time healing、1Time of day is kept feeling。
Silks Place YilanThe、Guests can enjoy shopping, watching movies in a wide variety of restaurants.

Luna Plaza
Location:No.36, Sec. 6, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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