"Silks Place Yilan" Check out hotels do our gastronomy and natural overflow Surprise


"Silks Place Yilan"The、
Eastern Taiwan's largest amusement spot
"Luna PlazaOrchid Crescent square"The sixth floor-hotel is located on the 11th floor
Enjoy shopping、And also Japan colonial hotel in the area, such as、You can also explore。
This time、The room was indebted to here、Size: 79.2 square meters (24 square meters) with an elegant pride、
With Jacuzzi and spacious gardens "Sky Villa Suite"。
The view from the balcony、yilanIn overlooking the courtyard on the sixth floor with the city、Mind you can spend peaceful moments。
From the official WEB site of the Japan language version here、
Concept renewal change from 2011, I couldn't see。
Look for children、Families receive hot instructions、Also has become a sensation
Only by the information unless you actually not coming、It had a series of surprise!
Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to be able to carry from Taipeiyilan
Will be the hotel to families with young children by all means I would encourage。
yilanIn the stay while staying small and、
Peaceful and naturally endowed with gastronomyyilanThe were able to savor the goodness!


Is on the 6th floor of the hotel lobby ceiling height is 7 metres and、Increases your space!
Glanced up at the counter top、In wood carvingTaiwan operaRepresented and、
Has a very nice look。
And、On the wall in Tang dynasty of ChinaWeichi GongAndTai Po SyriaArranged as opposed to、
Enshrined as the God gate。
The hotel have taken space what space、
Even in the crowded holiday、Feel comfortable anywhere.


On this day、yilanThe "KAVALAN WHISKY"To the to go to the interview、
Dealt in hotel check-out ago、Luggage Concierge to notify
Front Office Manager Japan languageJoan ChenTo please!


At the front counterAlbee HuangTo check it out thank you。
The Japan language speaking staff to name a few.、
You should check-in and check-out in simple English conversations with no problem!


At the hotel concierge counter、Let's keep our heavy baggage.


This was Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoAnd
The Marketing Communications Asst.ManagerAnnie Lin
And、The front desk staff was so jazzed as an interpreterJack Chang
Thank you very much thank you very much! (Xie Xie!)


High Priest KavarenThe whisky factories、The front desk staffJack ChangIn at the information desk、
Please transfer by hotel car.


Despite the holiday, work and、Us go on farewell
Mavis KuoAnnie Lin、Very thanks!
Heart of the warm welcome and hospitality、
And、yilanThe thank you that helped many wonders to learn。
Must see also let me ♪ (look!)

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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