"Silks Place Yilan" Check-in to the modern hotel features a huge shopping mall


"Silks Place Yilan"The、
Eastern Taiwan's largest amusement spot
"Luna PlazaOrchid Crescent square"The sixth floor-hotel is located on the 11th floor
Enjoy shopping、And also Japan colonial hotel in the area, such as、You can also explore。
Yilan stationFrom approximately a 10-minute walk is located within walking distance and location。
This hotel、"FIH Regent Group"To run
As the original brand hotels、2009The first IKEA store was born in October, it will be。
In 2011 would be opening two years later.、A mature concept from modern route
Focuses on kids ' families, renewal with change in、
Now as a family-friendly hotel has a big break!


Spacious entrance lobby。
1 floor of the hotel's concierge counter only becomes、The reception is6On the floor。
Using the lift should be checked、Please go to the sixth floor and intact.


Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoTo tell you about、
The Marketing Communications Asst.ManagerAnnie LinAnd
Front Office Manager Japan languageJoan ChenThe received will greetings!


You just、Who owns the pick-up driver
The front desk staffJack ChangTheTaichungBorn in、
For vocational high school had been majoring in Japan Japanese、Japan to talk to and very helpful。
yilanThe College graduate、yilanThe richness of the city I had、
It is you choose to work here.


A nice twist on modern Chinese-style entrance lobby。
The flower arrangement、SleekPhalaenopsis orchidsWelcome you!


Up to the sixth floor elevator in the front counter!


Is on the 6th floor of the hotel lobby ceiling height is 7 metres and、Increases your space!
Glanced up at the counter top、In wood carvingTaiwan operaRepresented and、
Has a very nice look。
And、On the wall in Tang dynasty of ChinaWeichi GongAndTai Po SyriaArranged as opposed to、
Are enshrined as a deity.


Soldiers of the Tang dynasty of China:Weichi Gong


Taiwan opera


Soldiers of the Tang dynasty of China:Tai Po Syria


The giant Causeway in the front lobby、WelcomeAnd mean、
And the birthday guests、Was given the right to tap into the guest's first visit to the restaurant first、
Has become a fun event!


Front Office ManagerJoan ChenIn the position、
In Japan, is completing the check-in to smart!
(Check-in time is 15.:00~)


Been opened 2 years later、A mature concept from modern route
Focuses on kids ' families can change renewal、
Newly established5Characters (Rainbow、Fannie、ChiChi、DoDo、Jack)Children become very popular!
Has become a character of each room of the hotel.


In the elevator up to the 9th floor、Will guide staff will thank you!


Space elevator Hall on the 7th floor of the hotel clean and simple and。
Out of the back door、Followed by an outdoor swimming pool and SPA.


Your right atrium door、Sky Villa zoneNext、
Should be unlocked in the room、It excels in security terms.


Rooms at Hotel offers 12 rooms、Rooms number of 191 rooms。
This room is、7 floor sky villa zone "720 room" Is!

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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