The most famous small basket parcel in Yilan "Just meat Soup dumpling" Frankly taste of Samsung green onions in plenty in the glutinous rice cake dough!


Rich nature and rich in gastronomyyilan
"Silks Place Yilan"The close、
And with delicious snack shop、The front desk staffJack ChangRecommend me。
Among them、This crowded storefront with people "Just meat Soup dumpling"The、
TaipeiTo expand branch so great?!


Over the counter、Shandmacle steam shower was tiny is piled up.、Full of hot air and lively!
A woman wearing an apron、Keep order in a loud voice、
From stuffing to forge and shape look stout。
If the original lion click here、That is a popular place so take time、Can also be booked in、
"Right or wrong、Please try!"And、
In one morningJack ChangHad had booked ♪ (Xie Xie!)


"Soup dumpling (10pcs) 70 TWD (Japan Yen:About 250 yen)

10 large dumpling in this price! (Surprise! )
Also up in the thick skin you click、And so overflowing soup、
Samsung leeks in the specialties of Yilan contains plenty of、In the sweet、Light and delicious。
So I think stuffing each favored there?、
Famous shops、Walk to eat dumpling shops thriving、You will find favorite taste good!


The dumpling shop was crowded for、There was no vacancy。
Next to the "Taiwanese meatball/Bawan"Buy、Please shop my father from here to the。
The interesting thing about the food culture of Taiwan、To shop elsewhere bringing freedom.。
Is the system in Japan is unlikely.


"Taiwanese meatball/Bawan"And to order、Father to cut with scissors to ladle on easy-to-eat meat Yuan。


Taiwanese meatball/Bawan 30 TWD (Japan Yen:About 110 yen)

It is also a Taiwan specialtyTaiwanese meatball/Bawan
Taiwanese meatball/BawanAnd the meatballs that are、The difference with meat dumplings in Japan、
皮はもちもちとお餅のような食感が特徴で、During the、Shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots、肉がギッシリと詰まった肉団子です
Even out skin click the、And made of sweet potato starch、その食感はお餅好きには堪らないでしょう!
お店により味わいは異なりますが、Coriander flavor is accented.


Jack ChangFor we have tastings in your favor!
yilanIn the popular dumpling、Try you too?!

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