1Day 4 times limit Tour! "Gloria Manor" former presidential "Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's Study room".


Kenting resort hotel "Gloria Manor"The、
Is Taiwan located in more than 30 former presidentialChiang Kai-shekThe recreation area was for、
Hotel、While still leaving the State at the time of saving "Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's study room"There。
Here are guests and general public、1Day 4 times in a limited tour implemented.

Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's study room
Tour tour day 4 rounds
Tour start times:10 am:00And 11:00、14 pm:30Minutes and 17:00
Notes:1Times the number of visitors is up to 20 persons。
(17:00 PM courses are only guests for)


The scene in front of the entrance is decorated with portraits。
To study our door is open at all times.、Tour is not free admission (no Guide) is possible.


Chiang Kai-shek (10/31/1887-4/5/1975)

Chiang Kai-shekAnd the、In the Republic of China politician、Is a soldier。
No. 3's and 5's Chief of the national Government、The first presidential、Becomes a permanent President of the Chinese nationalist party。
The final class in the National Revolutionary Army, Republic of China army expert on General (equivalent to General)。
And our beliefs as the successor of Sun Yat、Fulfill the reunification of the Republic of China, and the country's Supreme Leader。
1928Since 1931, and、1943Had the status of head of State until his death in 1975, since。
However,、Losing to the Chinese Communists led by Mao Zedong in the civil war、1949Since she moved to Taiwan、
After that、Was not to regain continental dominance。
In Japan and mainland ChinaChiang Kai-shekThe is known as、
In the Taiwan region、Jiang chonchonThe name is common and。

Inside are decorated with portraits and photos.、The furniture is protected by a red rope、
In fact "Chiang Kai-shek"That was used at the time and、Now, though,、Perfectly preserved.


Couch and pushes China pattern crafted with lanterns。


In the middle of the den、Is equipped with a conference table set in the military were being used at the time、
Also important to keep、You cannot touch the hand。


Gloria ManorThe General Manager is to enable
Chris ChenKindly go to say hello! (Xie Xie! )


GM'sChris ChenThe、And the in the us, 42-year-old long taking on the hotel business、
Kaohsiung "The Grand Hi Lai Hotel"And engage in about 10 years, at、
Now a year ago hereGloria ManorThe has been appointed as a GM。
Handsome, sincere and a gentlemanChrisThe response is very impressive!


Mrs. Chiang Kai-shek'sSombiyowaiThe、"Red cow tongue"The、In her most beloved shades、
Has emanated the beautiful shades of deep。
The books in the library、Is free to read!


Chiang Kai-shek, stone and his wife's bedroom!


Reproduce the Bookshelf!


Visitor sofas placed in the living room!


The clothes are called people who were drawn to the screen、
And is crafted in the shell (shell)、Light up the anti-sunshine、Very beautiful shine。
The fireplace was set up under、There are secret passages、
Chiang Kai-shekWhen exposed to the crisis、It was used as a loophole!
Has become a route of escape in a short period of time was used as a helipad in the outdoor courtyard、
Current、The route will be closed。
At the time "Kenting Ding fang"The、Chiang Kai-shekAndChiang Ching-kuo、It ranged from favorite places for 2 people!




Showcases priceless pictures。


Chiang Kai-shekThe memories of good days、Gloria ManorIn the enjoy!

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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