Taiwan 's southernmost Kenting "Gloria Manor" Check-in to the resort hotel to co-exist with nature !


Pingtung County and located on the Hengchun Peninsula at Taiwan's southernmost county、
Whole area belongs to the tropical climate boasts extensive grounds "Kenting national forest recreation area"In the
Resort Hotel 'Gloria Manor"。
"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"In the 3/2011、
"Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat"And the formal contract、"Kenting Ding fang"'Gloria Manor"And then renamed、
The original main building was left、On considering the nearby ecological environment protection、
Taiwanese "JAHAA"And responsible for the design、Building,。
Spent approximately one year of date of、2012 Opened、Has taken over the management.


"Kenting national forest recreation area"The gate to the gate of the hotel、Takes about 5 minutes by car。
The gatekeeper、Peace of mind security support。
The State is surrounded by lush greenery.


"Gloria Manor"The、
Is Taiwan located in more than 30 former presidentialChiang Kai-shekThe recreation area was for、
Was used as facilities invite foreign dignitaries at the time。
Therefore、Located in a quiet place location。
After that、The development of tourism "Kenting Ding fang"As history has welcomed many guests!


Gloria ManorThe、Germany North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center is doing the selection
"Red Dot Design Award"In the
"Red dot design award"In 2014.


This is due to tight schedule、High ironZuoying StationThan for private taxi、
Guests of the General、It is possible to use the hotel's own shuttle bus to depart on time.

Shuttle hours (upon prior reservation)
Pick-up time:11:30-From the Gloria manners to the zuoying high speed railway station
Pick-up time:14:15-From the high speed train zuoying station to the Gloria manners


KentingThe、The winter northeast monsoon season (11 January-March) to blow wind prevails、
Approach to the entrance hall with stairs step with from、Are subjected to build enhanced windproof.


To the oldest bronze age of China history、
With warm sakeBronze / mgCorridor design, image。
Bronze / mgThe、In the old Chinese dynasty "summer Shang and Zhou.、That instrument had been used to worship God。
Historic buildings、Asked to preserve important repairs and。
Also、"Open minded、Humility"The design image of bamboo is symbolic, and extensive use of exterior and Interior、
By the fusion of traditional and contemporary art、Creating a spirit of modern Taiwan.


Front approach

By using the stone wall near the main entrance、Prevents wind prevails in winter。
Instead of just building a stone wall、By running water、Plays the effect of summer!


Shut off the outside air、Cool lobby would feel good air flow。
"Coexistence with nature"Theme、User-friendly natural designs are created。
The ceiling is、In the output of Taiwan's bamboo and South Nantou County bamboo mountain veteran bamboo craftsman
Luo River a.In the hands of the six craftsmen and woven bamboo around、
Taiwan's traditional arts and crafts in huge sculptures of a bamboo basket hanging.。
On the floor、And then use the basket holes in the ceiling and the same hexagonal marble、Image is all the same。
The hexagonal shape is designed for、Number six in Taiwan、
"66 large order (all going well)"、"Longevity"Such as the meaning and、It is for good luck。
In the Gloria manners、The art of bamboo weaving、
The strength of the will of the Taiwan people and dignity、Am thinking of things like humility to say!


Woven bamboo beautiful shape!


Simple to design uniform!


Hexagonal marble accents.


Front counter

The reception is、24Is open round-the-clock and、English、And the staff in the Chinese language。
Chek the、15:00 PM-in will be accepted.


Cozy waiting space with natural colours。
And listen here、We will check-in!


In the drink、Fresh juice of fresh carrots and Apple provided us!
Fresh juice is very helpful!


Passport to、Check in and check out!


Lobby Lounge

Hotel decorated Kenting tradition and contemporary architectural design、Simple design with nature's harmony feel.


I came out of the lobby lounge、There nature panorama is spreading.、
KentingThe landmark also isMt. Dajian (318 m above sea level)Severe、
With lush green lawns courtyard and outdoor pool、Filled with resort feeling.

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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