Kenting "Gloria Manor" Tour of the hotel while looking back the glorious history!


Kenting resort hotel "Gloria Manor"The location is、
Back in the distant past era、Say was once a turtle nitrous corner's of the Paiwan indigenous village。
And、One world Botanical Garden Hall of Fame "Hengchun heat strips Botanical Garden"But there was。
Speaking of the hot topic in Taiwan in 1969, approximately 50 years ago from now、
Kenting Ding national forest recreational area is open to the public、Gloria ManorOf the predecessor "Kenting Ding fang"To was to go on honeymoon。
Over the 50-year-old building was originally、That was a forestry reserve management office、
After that、Recognized with scenic views、And one of Chiang Kai-shek southern Taiwan line administrative offices、
The development of tourism、"Kenting Ding fang"As history has followed greeted many guests!


"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"The、2011In March,、
"Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat"And the formal contract、"Kenting Ding fang"'Gloria Manor"And then renamed、
The original main building was left、On considering the nearby ecological environment protection、
Taiwanese "JAHAA"And responsible for the design、Building,。
Spent approximately one year of date of、2012 Opened、Has taken over the management。
This time the、Director ofJames ChungTo thank you for your tours、
Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy LiangAlong with the hotel tour!


The souvenir shop is located on the first floor、Traditional arts and crafts from the native produce、
City of ceramics "YingGe"The selection of pottery、Lined with particularly handmade products。
In addition、Taiwan tea and teapot、Hotel original items as well as sold!


YingGeAnd the、New Taipei Taiwan in Yingge district、
And the small town flourished in the pottery and ceramics。
From the Qing dynasty has produced various things in the soil of Yingge Yingge people。
As Taiwan is now more than 60 pottery of the biggest ceramics、
Has become famous as a tourist destination like pottery.


Accessories make Aboriginal writers!


Hotel original toy!


Only strong Kenting ultraviolet UV care!


The corridor、Enjoy natural landscapes so left and right entirely with glass.


In the connecting corridors、By displaying black and white photos taken at the time of renovation、
Is brilliantly connecting the past and present.


Black and white photographs were followed in front of the elevator Hall。
Combining natural beauty with building、So does not impair the landscape、Also、Such as losing good time memories、
You can feel the dark parts are preserved.


A glorious sight at that time were snapping photos of feelings not while drawing、
Of the currentGloria ManorIn a theme that is very important to seeCoexistence with nature"Feel the、
I think you had more fun!


Hotel、In the former presidential "Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's study room' Is obsolete。
"Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's study room"The、Over four times daily, tours are offered for、Would like to introduce the next time!

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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