Let's go by taxi to Kenting is a surf spot blessed with white sand sea of Taiwan 's southernmost !



Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy LiangAnd
"Gloria Manor"To and for、
Taiwan high speed railThe ShinkansenZuoying StationTo come with!
Annual (14:15) To the guests using the Gloria manners to leave shuttle (reservations)、
High ironZuoying StationThe exit 2、Down the escalator right toward "Rainbow Bazaar (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi)"Take the train in front。
We haveKentingBefore the journey to rush、The book the personal staff。
High ironZuoying StationThe go to exit 4.


Zuoying StationThe fourth exit、
Located in the western part of Kaohsiung City's zuoying district town spreads。
Still from Taipei、Feel a little sunshine strength、Tropical mood fills the air in the air somewhere.


The Taiwan high speed railZuoying StationThe opening and 10/31/2006、
In the same year 12/1 of the Taiwan Railway Administration sideXinzuoying StationAlso has opened!


A book taxis and successfully joined、Ichiro、KentingTo!


This time the、Private taxiTsai TzongxienTo ask。
Kaoshiung ⇔ KentingOne way of1,800TWD (Japan Yen:JPY 6480)Will be!

Private taxi-contact Tsai Tzongxien
(* Chinese only:English and non-Japan Japanese)


KentingFrom the road、Some, such as landscape photography、Her husband sitting in the passenger seat、
Rear seats became a bustling along the way like the three girls travel、Japan-language and Chinese-language classes has been waged in the car!
On the way、While grasping the rest、It is approximately 2 hours drive.


Zhongshan high speed public road from No. 88, fast road start.PingtungTowards!


PingtungOfFangliaoThe town、
Besides rich marine products are harvested in aquaculture、EspeciallySilasIt is famous。
In addition、FruitLotus mistOf the region、"Black Pearl"That breedsLotus mistOf the home。
Calm city southward to the.


At the fruit shop is on the road、Also specialty of PingtungLotus mistAnd
Gautama Buddha、Banana、Pineapple、MangoHas been sold to a lot of。
LushlyPEAROf such as have a crisp texture and tasteLotus mistThe、
Ideal for hot water supply.


Width and wider in the 3 lane、
To the left is located in the central mountains South WestChunrih, PingtungWatch we have!
95% of the area of the Kasuga gensokyo accounted for the mountains、So the majority of Paiwan tribe native inhabitants.


And、Further down on the right hand、Taiwan StraitSee we came!
In Taiwan、Around Taiwan by bicycle "Hoanndao"And very popular、
Stance throughout the professional cyclist。
In Taiwan "Environment island"Is Japan with"Around the island"That is the meaning。
And around Taiwan、The distance900kmThe range is the、Means to go around on a bike with you!
Is running on the Wangan line、It is very pleasant.


I drove the car、KentingThe arrived at the town's entrance!


On the South Bay Road、Many hostels (guest houses), restaurants
Found in the colorful attire!


The sand spread on the road along the southern Gulf Coast "South Bay playing recreation district"。
South Bay playing recreation districtKentingIn the most widely、Its beauty is a popular beach。
Street is lined with many resort hotels and restaurants、
Beautiful arc、You can enjoy seeing colorful umbrellas in the Shirahama reaches a length of 600 m。
In addition to、Skis and banana boat、Canoe、Yacht、Here guests can enjoy various water sports, such as beach volleyball、
Famous surf spotKentingThat is the、If you enjoy the beach "South Bay playing recreation district"Is recommended.


Down the taxi、Also enjoy a magnificent view of the coast、The strength of the sea breeze will be exposed!
KentingThe、Located in line 22 degrees north latitude and、
Become a worldwide tourist destinations including the island of Kauai in Hawaii and New Caledonia Ile des pins and the same latitude、
Because of the tropical climate on average per year, is blessed with a mild climate。
KentingThe best season is April-August and we are、
Actually,、Visited March less precipitation、Minimum air temperature 20 ° c-maximum temperature around 26 ° c.And
The best in cozy warmth feel so make the most of、
Not because you want to enjoy the beach、That means best season is!


KentingTo go here! And recommend to friends of Taiwan were an Italian restaurant
White building along the South Bay Road "Piccolo Polpo Bistro」!
Owner's dream "Forth the sea"It seemed to、
Restaurants became the all-glass、Stunning sea views from the restaurant,。
Popular and various European-style menu using ingredients unique to Taiwan、Taiwan people and tourists also are popular.


Along the South Bay forward and、Kenting-big cityIn the foreground、DestinationDing Kenting forest recreation areaThe information Board was seen!
Kenting-big cityThe、"Kenting Street Night Market"The southernmost tip of TaiwanCity at nightThe present。
"Kenting Street Night Market"The later we learn!


"Kenting national forest recreation area"The arrive to the gate!
"Kenting national forest recreation area"The、Pingtung County and located on the Hengchun Peninsula at Taiwan's southernmost county、
Whole area belongs to the tropical climate boasts extensive grounds。
This forest recreation area、And counted as one of the world's ten great Tropical Botanical Garden、
In the East Pacific Ocean、In Western Taiwan Strait、And、Bashi Channel hopes in the South、150 above sea level-crossings on the 300 m、
The total area extends to 466.8 hectares。
"Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat"The、1968In the year "Hengchun Tropical Botanical Garden"
"Ding Kenting forest recreation area"As rebuilding since、Play forest recreation business、About 1,200 species of tropical plants and schools、
In the age of 400 years "Silver leaf itane' , 'Hermit cave"、
"Vertical Banyon Valley"、"Apart from heaven"、"Sea view Tower (lookout)"And the name is well known、
It will be Taiwan's leading tourist destinations.


Resort Hotel 'Gloria Manor"The、
"Kenting national forest recreation area"Located in the、Will be blessed with a lush natural environment.

Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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