Taipei Station directly connected hotels "Palais de Chine Hotel" Explore the north side near to the "Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei"


Located on the North to Taipei main station、Taipei City was built as a joint project with the Government of、
Large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar
"Palais de Chine Hotel"At breakfast to after、
Because it was given to the weather、Let us explore the North area of the hotel.


Decorated with sculptures of life-size horse power in front of the hotel、
"Line motion"And are associated with the title、
Out of this place "To travel"、"Excursion"That have a meaning!


Hotels, large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar、
Would be very convenient to shopping。
The Taipei train station North to the 8/19/2009
The new bus terminal "Taipei Bus Station"The operation will start、
After that、From the 3rd basement floor ground to the fourth floor of the complex "Q square' Open!
Cinema "Vie Show Cinemas Taipei QSquare"Is situated on the 5th floor.


The main entrance hall of the shopping mall、Décor design feeling of openness、
Water pipes are arranged on the back of the approximately 40 species of plants、Its beauty is kept。
In the hotel as well as architectural designs hereRay ChenHas been handled。
Ray ChenThe、Japanese architectTadao AndoOf age were enrolled in the Office there、
Has been working as a prominent architect now undisputed in Asia。
"Q square"TheQuick, Quality and uniQueBased on the concept、
Has attracted attention as a place that provides the latest fashion and entertainment.




"Q square"On the first floor、Cosmetics corner, domestic and overseas brand shops、
"Agnès b. CAFÉ L.P.G."、"N.Y. BAGELS CAFÉ"Such as the Café will be available。
An open upstairs area、50Near the store brands-women's、
A hobby and play space on the 3rd floor area、Hits mainly the Taiwan brand electronics and outdoor gear。
Restaurant city is located on the 4th floor、And Taiwan cuisine、
Italian and Thailand cuisine、Japan food、Gather, Brasserie, buffet-style restaurant.


"Q square"In the left hand entrance、For buses entering and、
The guard has been stationed、Crossing the 10-Please note。
"Taipei Bus Station"The entrance is on the East side of the building and、This is at the back。
On the bus station floor's ticket office and gift shop、On and off at Terminal 2-located on the 4th floor、
Offers a food court in the basement。
Not to mention easy access、Long-haul bus and、Taipei main station and is directly on the basement floor for、
MRT train and Shinkansen and all kinds of transport、Direct access becomes possible, very useful!
And through underpass from the Zhongshan MRT station、The can be moved without getting wet in the rain。
Also、Bike parking is 1000 units.、Equipped with a private car is 600、
Bicycle parking area、Access is good.


Try exploring, facing north from the hotel.


North from the hotel 5 minutes ' walk to the location within walking distance of
"MOCA Taipei (Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei) "There。
Fluttering in the wind around the red-brick building: tropical trees are planted、Tasteful atmosphere。
And in 1919 erected originally as an elementary school building of Japan rule age、
After that Government changes to Government、Government enters a not be used after the date of。
After renovating the 5/2001、"Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei"As opened、Also looking at the light of day。
Events will change on a regular basis、On this day、Just、Popular photographer in Japan
"Mika Ninagawa (Mika Ninagawa)"And it's past 20 years work together
One of the largest in the past "Ninagawa"Was being held!
Representing the Taiwan idol group "S.H.E"With a collaboration and exhibition、
The costume design that combines traditional Chinese culture and Japan、
Galaxy Navigator and or in the beautiful、Is giving a vivid impression。
Corner photo exhibit in addition to past films and collectibles gathered and Air Asia airplane model、
Exhibits include a chronology of past Work。
In addition、Mika NinagawaFor there is a corner in a set of works in the background to take for the popular!


In front of the entrance、"LEXUS x Ninagawa"The collabo car will be on display、The bright color scheme has a sight to behold。
Exhibition period and start 3/19、Is held in the critically acclaimed GW 5/8.


Plaza in front of the art museum is work of exhibition space、You can find various art works.


After admiring the Taipei contemporary art museum、Back into the hotel in the back alleys.


Small stalls out at me going down the alley behind。
If Taiwan Alley is housed is a cornucopia of stalls!
Here "69In an old shop"The rice noodle is a popular shop that、Shop already has more than 70 years of history like (laughs)
But I just ate breakfast, and my stomach was filled for stopping、
Very tasty soup and reputable shops and I've heard!


From Taipei main station as is near the lively area、Many small shops in the alley、
And leave the old fashioned atmosphere、
Also interesting in Taiwan where my old and new!

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

Q square

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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