Returning to Japan from Taiwan! The flight from "Taoyuan International Airport" to "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport"!


"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"
Introduce the flow from leaving the country to travel!
After you insist passengers boarding an airline check-in counter、
The second terminal, 3rd floor floor departure lobby、Is a departure, presenting the ticket and passport!
If you are busy、Immigration also takes time, so、Let's act quickly!


Facing the international departure gate、At security check point、
Security checks of carry-on passenger baggage and passengers ' possessions。
Hat、Take off your jacket、Shoes and belts with metal fittings, metal, etc.、Not use 外shimashou responds metal detector accessories。
Like digital cameras and notebook computers、You must make the desk tray。
Allow the smoothly、Choose a simple attachment/detachment flight clothing.


After the security check without problems、Free time and will be until boarding time、
You will also enjoy shopping for a good and、
Go to the lounge、While enjoying your food and drinks、It is possible to spend a restful and!


On the way up to the boarding gate、Hits a lot of souvenir shop!


Just、This timeBoarding gate C5RThe tasting and sale of tea has been ago、
It's just about、Invited to a beautiful girl、I stop by!
Freshly brewed "High mountain oolong tea"The、Filled with pure aroma and sweet taste you can enjoy!
Relish beans cake and tea cake and nougat、
With a very friendly staff、Warm up the body and the mind、Enjoyed a delicious tea now travel the last ♪ (Xie Xie!)


Here is the currentBoarding gate C5RBecause it would be、Let's rafting with a stair or elevator。


This timeChina AirlinesCI 0151 flightsThe boarding gateC5R in、
Can make sure your passport and boarding、Is gimpp safe and sound!


Through the boarding gate、Boarded a shuttle bus、Aircraft will carry!


This aircraft is Boeing aircraft number "B-18609"The Boeing737-809 model。
Get off the shuttle、Stairs to climb the aircraft.


For the return flight time is 3 hours, and short、Will not be airing movies General、
Will broadcast documentaries and comedy-drama。
Monitor change possible、Lack of interest?、Enjoy music on your channel!


"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"From the
"CHINA AIRLINES airlines"In the
"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport"To the flight.。
Without any delay and flight safety、The return to Japan.


After the take-off、To stabilize the aircraft and immediately、Start provides in-flight food and beverage service。
The China Airlines flight attendant、Chinese、English、JapaneseIn is safe for us to answering ♪


"China Airlines in-flight meal

Fish cooked in rice、Bread、Ham salad、Fruit、Will sweets!

Fly during the daytime may、When weather is nice and staff are very nice。
As far as the clouds、Also watch this scene many times without getting tired、
About、Will book a window seat。
Now、Next in line、After flight "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport" introduction!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

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