Arrival to the "Taoyuan International Airport"! Go to Taipei city get over the thought unexpected also depend accident!


TaiwanThe capital city ofTaipeiThe gateway to the sky "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"What
"CHINA AIRLINES airlines"For in approximately 3 hours flightNight 22:00 tooTo have arrived safe and sound。
24For the time opening up airport、Many workers are active at this time.


Descended from the aircraft、Boarded a shuttle bus waiting、The move to the airport。

Located near East Asia and the Pacific on 25 degrees north latitude
Taipei City3Late mayThe night temperature is15° C before and afterThe relatively mild climate and、
During the day20C earlyThe cozy warmth and、Relax in sheer long sleeves if top weather。
Not a problem if one sheer coat and Cardigan as air conditioning。
The visitors towards the mountain of intensely cold climate change、
Bring a light jacket just in case and spring coats.


Port opening1979On February 26.The "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"The、
TaiwanOfDayuan, Taoyuan CityTo as the Taiwan's largest international airport、
"China Airlines" And "EVA AIR"As a hub airport and use、24Hours a day and will be。
"Nyusakai inspectionLet's take the bulletin board that says "relying ♪


QuarantineAfterImmigrationAs、Passport, plane tickets and registration form of immigration and customs tax tableWill be required。
Because it is passed in the cabin、Will you fill out during the flight and smart。
Able to enter the smart very uncrowded this time!


ImmigrationAfter you have successfully、"Baggage claim Baggage claimRelying on the bulletin board that says "
1Under the floorbaggage claimOn the go。
Baggage claimThe information Board、You can determine the number of the turntable.


Baggage claimNow、
And passed from the airline upon deposit baggageLuggage storage cardReview and、
Mistakes in my luggage?、Do not damage, etc.、Make sure。
This time the、And whole corrupted arrived to surprise her husband's suitcase wheels parts、
In clothes and protruding from the State has been taken! (Surprise)
In-situBaggage claimBrought to the area in China Airlines line counter、
Will check damage parts。
Depending on the review, including corrupt State and time of purchase、Is common usually send to repair shop after returning home。
If the damage cannot be repaired as、US airlines bear、
Will replace the suitcase back to new。


This time、Order was damaged at feet of the suitcase caster part (Colo Colo)、
"Great move!"And if you mess up、What! Was replaced with the new suitcase!
Slightly older ones was the type of suitcase、Good provides brand new。
Even more surprising to the、The original suitcase dimensions was a size L large、
The exchanged suitcase bigger, became a very large sized!
For package availability、Became a blessing in disguise。
China AirlinesThe smart support staff、Unpleasant feelings or can not at start the journey。
Thank you very much! (Xie Xie! )


After receiving the baggage、Usually head to the bus terminal.、
Taoyuan International AirportWithin a convenient "Video"ofOverseas for mobile Wi-FiThis reservation in advance。
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airportIn the、Overseas for mobile Wi-FiDo not place the recipient counter can be rented、
In the net prior to finish procedures、Arriving in Taipei receive "Video"By far the most money!
Taoyuan International AirportThe overseas for mobile Wi-Fi in Terminal 2 "Video"The pick up location is、
24-hour convenience store in the food court in the basement 2f "7-Eleven eleven"To be。
Prior to print out the receipt of mail, and bring (no available)、
Convenience store clerk and submitted with your Passport "Video"And then you can receive。
"Video"For if you have Wi-Fi、For smart phones in Japan and abroad while at the same sense、
Or take advantage of translation app、Google map to start、At all times、A stable Internet environmentBecause it is a great help to me!
Usage is so simple that anyone to easily connect and is recommended.

How to return articles is available here!
How to return rented at 7-Eleven in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport reasonable WiFi "iVideo"!



Ticket counter

The Taipei city bus companyTamiya customers luck、"長榮 tomoeshi"、"With BA's.、"Flying dog 巴士"The four companies have、
The last time as well of the second window is also newly "KUO-KUANGAnd Thank you for your help ♪ to the bus company. "


Taoyuan International AirportThanTaipei A train stationUntil the credit card purchased two bus tickets。
You can buy if you tell where counter。
Will be available in the cache、Let's Exchange in advance at a currency exchange in the airport.


The bus fare is、1Per capita125TWD (Japan yen approximately 450 yen)
If the taxi、One way1,000TWD (Japan yen approximately 3600 yen)As Kiki、
To thereHigh speed road tollAlso added more expensive to。
The choice is up to you。
To the taxi drivers in Taiwan、Drivers speak English not only because Japan Japanese、
Where to goChinese notationIn you would have noted that。
Being mistaken for a road more、To avoid path selection areas and launch Google Map、
Proceed and check the route is safe.


Ride port 3 No. "KUO-KUANG"To the line。
This company is、2014/11More buses and operates late at night、Is very good access。
still、Current、Airport to Taipei CityBridgeMRT (subway)The construction has been started、
But we are much later than the originally scheduled completion、
As early as2016In the summer ofUntil is has announced the operation scheduled to begin。
In the dawn, travel time is approximately35MinutesIn you can go to the Taipei City、Looking forward to!

Leave your suitcase、Receive the baggage delivery ticket。
Keep as this is needed because。
The seats in the bus、Seats that can sit on the seat so no。
Bus stop guide、Is written in English and Chinese, will also announce、Thing to proceed while also looking at Google Map。
get off it ♪ Let's news in getting off button when the announcement the flow of bus stop


Route map of Kunimitsu Kuang


Late at night in that crowded the road driving、Taoyuan International AirportThan、In approximately 45 minutesTaipei A train stationTo arrive。
The hotel arrival、Lost about 30 minutes due to an accident in the airport、24I have been trying to time。
Get off the bus and、Taipei A train stationTo go on foot while holding the luggage to the hotel is very conveniently connected to the。
Next in line、Location up the pride、2010March 5In the opened、Attracting attention
"Palais de Chine Hotel Taipei" introduction!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


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