October ed to the "Taoyuan International Airport" at than "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport", "China Airlines"


"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport' From 'CHINA AIRLINES airlines"In the
In Taiwan's capital, Taipei "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To the flight.。
This aircraft is、On domestic flights, LCC of the compact size of the householdBoeing 737-8FH B-18657Is!


"Central Japan International Airport Centrair"From airlines that operates
Airbus A330Although it is a little narrow, since when would compare compact airplane and、
Because it was a relatively new model than the airplane at the time of the last flight、Overall, it was beautiful and the monitor was getting bigger.。
Just、As well as the last、What's the biggest problem?、For to share a monitor at the top of、
You will be able to watch their favorite movies individually。
10To make your trip to Taiwan in September the best season、Flight is fully booked.


During the flight、And runs movie set、
Fitting for earphones、Set the translation code channel next to the seat to "Japanese" and watch it.。
Approximately a three-hour flight to、There's only one movie you can watch on a quick flight.。
The film was getting to this day、
Steven Spielberg"There to serve the production total commandJurassic ParkIn the fourth installment of the series]、
The world's best theme park on a spectacular scale while keeping the power of the series so far、
And it created a world of new dinosaur "Jurassic WorldIt was。
Hand was able to spend a fun flight time in the movie of compelling that hold sweat ♪


Because it took time to maintain the aircraft、It is a flight about 30 minutes later than the scheduled time!
The compact body size also available、Jumbo Jet so lean is to feel the vibration resistance、
How to raise the fear、It is recommended that relax the ear earphones and listening to music, etc.。
To stabilize the aircraft、Follow the flight attendant's instructions and seat top warning signs、
Please make sure no seat。
And outside views、Night flights Dunhuang Navigator and it opens up at night!
And flying over the town of Hamamatsu where current from the family home in makinohara、
I never thought I'd be able to look at my city like this、I'm excited♪!


For the short flight time、To stabilize the aircraft and、Provides in-flight food and beverage service soon。
The cabin attendant、Each Chinese.、English、Speaking in Japan, so it is safe.


Economy class in-flight meal
Chicken penne pasta


Economy class in-flight meal
Pork Rice


Soft drinks or
Beer or wine


Lunch、By the time the movie is over、
In Taiwan's capital, Taipei "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To arrive at。
People are afraid of long journey、about three hours of flight time.TaiwanThe recommended destinations can say!
Now、Next in lineTaoyuan International Airport withinand cheap Wi-Fi, which in can be rented
It is the introduction of traffic access to the Taipei city ♪

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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