From Japan Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport to the gateway at "China Airlines' Taipei Taoyuan International Airport


"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport' From 'CHINA AIRLINES airlines"In the
In Taiwan's capital, Taipei gateway "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To the flight.。
This aircraft is、On domestic flights, LCC of the compact size of the householdB737Is!


"Central Japan International Airport Centrair"From airlines that operates
Airbus A330Compared to and compact machine economy her foot is a little cramped in、
Business from your Daddy "Once on business and can't go back to the economy."And it was your advice is (laughs)
Similar to last time is the biggest problem、For to share a monitor at the top of、
You will be able to watch their favorite movies individually。
1Many tourists from Japan and Asia, Taiwan travel、Flight is fully booked.


During the flight、And runs movie set、
Fitting for earphones、Seat next to the translation code channel"Japan language"To set the watch。
Approximately a three-hour flight to、Oh that one's just movies that you can watch on a flight between。
The film was getting to this day、Exactly what I wanted to keep watching "My Intern, my intern.」! (I)
Play the female CEO of l: company had great success both work and privateAnne HathawayAnd、
Play an old man of 70-year-old was there to serve as a senior internRobert de NiroWith
"A film depicting the feelings of the heart。
Two of the actor "The Devil Wears Prada"In that they are also topics of。
"It's complicated' , 'Heart of a woman"Such as、Working women who continue taking from various angles
Nancy MyersHas he written and directed.


This time off and time schedule、It is a smooth flight start!
The compact body size also available、Jumbo Jet so lean is to feel the vibration resistance、
How to raise the fear、It is recommended that relax the ear earphones and listening to music, etc.。
To stabilize the aircraft、Follow the flight attendant's instructions and seat top warning signs、
Please make sure no seat。
And outside views、Night flights Dunhuang Navigator and it opens up at night!
And flying over the town of Hamamatsu where current from the family home in makinohara、
You can enjoy the beauty like the jewelry box!


For the short flight time、To stabilize the aircraft and、Provides in-flight food and beverage service soon。
The cabin attendant、Each Chinese.、English、Speaking in Japan, so it is safe.


Select the "chicken" "chicken" or "pork (sometimes fish).。
Bustin sauteed chicken and vegetables served with rice on、The scent of Taiwanese cuisine is served in a warm state with a dorsal rag hanging in the drift。
Pork ham and coconut milk salad、Round bread、Mineral water、It is one play of baked goods♪


"Taigoshu" and "White Wine"

One of Taiwan's leading beersTaiwan 啤酒"The、
Convenience stores in Taiwan and、Restaurant、It is adopted and sold everywhere, such as izakaya、
The largest beer industry in TaiwanTaiwan smoke drink Ltd"Beer that sells。
During the occupation of Japan's manufacturers here、It was founded by a Japanese engineer.
"Takasago Brewery Company co., Ltd.Has become its predecessor、It is a long-established beer maker with a history of more than 90 years since then♪.


Lunch、1By the end of the movie、
"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To arrive at。
People are afraid of long journey、Flight time approximately 3 hours and only in a short period of timeTaiwanis a recommended destination!
Now、Next in lineTaoyuan International AirportCan be rented withinCheap Wi-FiAnd
To TaipeiTraffic accessThe introduction!

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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