"GLORIA RESIDENCE" Welcoming like a home, full of warmth stylish rooms of the tree!


2010 yearIn the newly opened "Gloria Residence"The、
2013JulyTo safely get license for the hotel industry、General staff became available!
Rooms 51 room an individual theme.、Unlike the placement and size of the room、Sheltered from various。
With the floor design decorated in white、Not a hotel-like atmosphere、Flawless face。
Further caught the eye of this door is、Seen very heavy duty、Considerable weight is actually open it。
"Bullet-proof door is specially"With that。
The Taiwan、Because it is a very safe country to Japan as well、I don't need to be bullet-proof、
Has it been placed emphasis on security it seems。
This room is7F/701 ROYAL BWill be!


7F/701 ROYAL B part 1 room & living room
Floor / 2F, 3F, 5F, 6F, 7F, 8F number of rooms / 6
Floor plan:Acreage / 19.24 Tsubo 63.60 m ²

Gloria residenceThe step by step during the、
In the warmth of wood、Rather than ostentatious decoration、Simple and modern、Stylish and serene space opens!
More had I saw on the website?、So the choice of design feels cozy! (Nice! )
Effortlessly interviewed the other day "HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI"The design is also、
There also was recognized as the "most influential designers in Asia"
It is a building designer of attentionRay ChenAnd is responsible for the design、
"Home" And "Fashion"That has been designed with two concepts。
Consider the needs of our customers in designing, placing wood furniture、
Living、Bathroom、Kitchen、In all of the bedrooms has been pursuing comfort corner。
Combining style and comfort。
It's、For guests of the Taiwan life nice、
Gloria residenceThe design philosophy has had.


3. sit comfortably in the middle of the room sofa Loveseat。
Also a coffee table、Is perfect for reading and relaxing.


The spacious hotel rooms、For a stylish way to be、
Clean wood furniture and air conditioning、Flat-screen TV、DVD player、Wi-Fi iPod dock!


SONY flat screen TV


DVD player


CD player


For the guests to stay longer、And equipped with European-style kitchens、
It is possible that, during cooking is fun!
And shopping in the local market and supermarket、Might be fun things to try local cuisine。
Is the best room for our favorite dishes.


In the refrigerator、Coca-Cola in soft drinks、Sprite、Orenge、Pocari Sweat、Mineral water、Peach、
Alcohol beer "Taiwan Beer"Suit、All are free!


Bottled water and snacks provided and、Also available free of charge.


System kitchen IH cooking heater has 2 burners and、Equipped with microwave oven under.


Pots and pans and knives and cutting boards and other kitchen tools set、
Tableware, for complete、Material is arranged、Can start cooking on the counterpart.


The electric kettle "De & # 8217s; Longhi (delonghi)"The coffee maker、Rice cooker has been set.


Kitchen top、Dish dryer is fi。
Instead of washing machine、Not because it will only dry your mistake!


Here is "EASY COOKING"That has a system service、
And services can be ordered in advance thought chef menu ingredients、
Warm、With easy menus just turn it off、Season provided Minestrone Soup and ham-kamoo bruschetta。
2With just ingredients480TWD (Japan Yen:About 1730 yen) +10% service chargeAnd will be。
Buy a few wine、May as well spend relaxing in-room dinner!


On the veranda、For the sink with a European-made washing machine (detergent)、
Also clothing while traveling can be glad!


Bed、Simmons mattress offers a comfortable night's sleep.。
Also、One good night's sleep at night in travel and travel destinations "pillows"。
Gloria residenceIs focused on、Pillow selection service have been、
Gel pillow、Shape memory pillow、Buckwheat husk remains pillow、Snoring pillows and 4 different types of pillows to choose in preferences。
When certain guest stay。
Gloria residenceOf the staff、
Before the check-in from the travel agency "has an allergy to him、Affect sensitive material on the pillow "that was heard。
So far in advance turned Japan natural buckwheat husk remains pillow feather pillows、
So thank you very much told front beaming its guests feeling rested。
Not even secrets that he rested says that thanks to the buckwheat husk remains pillow、
The guest was greatly impressed by the meticulous care of the staff、Also during the next Taipei branchGloria residenceIn it told me to stay。
Meticulous care isGloria residenceThe is the most important feature of the service.


A built-in desk、Along the walls in the long and spacious、
Expedite the work for better storage space.


With its superior design and high functionality、Such as an electrical outlet、Using the step and housed!
Such a fine place is great!


Crispy and expedite data reduction, although thanks to a work desk.


At the back of the bed、There was a closet、Plenty of storage space and adequately、It is very useful!


Gloria Prince HotelAnd as in Japan-yukata slippers、There is also a safety deposit box。
This stylish room yukata Japan formula a little look like crap (laughs)
If、It is normally fitted and welcome!


Safety deposit box


Wooden hanger、Umbrella、Ironing boards


Flashlight、Irons/ironing boards


The bathrooms are、Taller、Well designed space limited、With the sliding door, and、Is used for。
Nice bathtub in Japanese、Independent shower booth、Shower toilet。
Don't you feel a sense of stagnation by bringing in good light、Very good bathroom.


made in Japan"TOTO"The open and close automatic lid type、In Taiwan it will be relatively rare with bidet and ♪


Twin shower and rain shower is hot water even 10 minutes.


Made in Italy "Allegrini"

Is base item、Made in Italy "Allegrini"ofNero OldUse。
In the extracts were taken from India tree care products、Oriental fragrance is characterized。
Amenities、Toothbrush、Sewing set、Cotton swab、Shower Cap、Such as a shaver。
Equipped with a hair dryer。
The towel、Hand、Face、And bath towels are provided two.


Rooms very good here、Provide comfort just like at home。
If you want to stay really seemed right!
While enjoying a coffee and relax while playing BGM、Reading time。
Now、This institution will be next!

Gloria Residence
Location:Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359
TEL:+886 2 2531 0699

Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359

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