"GLORIA RESIDENCE" 24-hour available lounges and wellness facility with very pleasant stay!


2010 yearIn the newly opened "Gloria Residence"The、
2013JulyTo safely get license for the hotel industry、General staff become available!
Gloria residenceNow、In spacious "Home"The offers are there sitting、
It has common facilities in rooms other than。
Hotel、It's open 24 hours a day! "The Lounge"And、Guests at any time free of charge is possible!

[The Lounge]
Hours of operation / 24 Time
Facilities and large LCD TV、Manual foosball table
Free services / tea bags、Coffee maker、Variety of drinks、Various snacks、
Fruit、Countries both inside and outside books & magazines、Free Wi-Fi

Basement 1F "The Lounge"The、
Used warm lighting poise、A quiet space。
Unified in chic black wood table and chairs one is equipped with sofa Loveseat、
Cosy music room、Imagine a warm home and design space。
Or relax in the room category、Spend a pleasant time in a relaxed mood.

While reading a book or magazine、Relaxing day in the spacious environment where you can spend time、
Many different types of soft drinks and seasonal Taiwan fruit has always、It is possible to free。
And、What to say24hours OpenI am happy that service!
Feel like in the living room of my home?、Desire to having your heart's content without worrying about the time limit to how they、
Gloria residenceThe gift "The Lounge"。
Here you willAlso be brought into free in、As it is your party with this!
In fact、Given meal purchased at stalls here to be guest appearances。
Group stays、It might be fun at the potluck get together here!


Lounge provides snacks and drinks, all free of charge!
Coke or Sprite、Soft drinks 6 kinds, such as peach、Brewed coffee is freshly brewed coffee can be.


Coffee maker


Soft drinks




Tea、United Kingdom warrant "TWININGS"Offers nine more、
You can select your favorite flavor!


Orange or Apple、Taiwan fruits, including Kiwi fruit can be enjoyed at all times!


Art and design-related books and magazines、Newspapers are provided.


Taiwan fruit and drink elegant enjoy reading time lounge。
Provides free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel、Smart phone、Tablet、Notes, such as Wi-Fi at links free!


To enjoy the football table games while watching sports with a large LCD TV、
As a children's playground available to stay in the family.


Football table gameAnd the、In the United States and Europe at the popular table game、
75cm × puppets with rods sticking out of 140 cm table、Turning round and round the pole and plays。
Not much is known in Japan、Sport in the world is very popular (game).。
And enjoy all over the world mainly Europe and the United States、
World Congress is done even the tournament a multi-million dollar prize!
Is this an analog game、As the rehabilitation of the original athletes and get the chain reaction and reflexes、
Has said were invented mainly for the diversion!


Can play piano regularly paid maintenance to tuner free。
The other day、Professional pianist customers using this private, yet、
I happened to so me held mini concerts.

As a business corner、Business Centre is equipped with lounge、
It is possible to freely available such as PCs and printers。
Can be used as meeting space for、Could you please provide the ideal for busy business scene.


1Behind the door to the back left of the reception、To open a corridor covered with glass Windows all over、
Ahead will lead to heated swimming pool!


Heated swimming pool、The residences on the upper floors and communal swimming pool is also available in、
While sports trip or a business trip, to refresh you can。
Pool is 18 m long、With a depth of 110 cm、
It is large enough to those who want to swim in earnest。
Can be used in both season indoor heated swimming pool,、
On the same floor shower rooms for men and women.、Equipped with a dressing room。
Gym and sauna next door "Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The facilities
You can use free of charge。
Now、Next in line is the introduction of various types from around the world.

Gloria Residence
Location:Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359
TEL:+886 2 2531 0699

Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359

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