"GLORIA RESIDENCE" Check-in to the hotel off a calm, such as luxury condominiums


2010Opened in the year "Gloria Residence"The、
"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The series hotel
And it staff can converse in Japan、Guests can enjoy a friendly peace of mind。
Location is in the heart of Taipei、Cultural centres all over the multimedia & creative, living air is filled with
Very popular areas located in Zhongshan area。
MRT "Shuang Lian station"From the walk 5-8 minutes、Along the forest in North Road in the downtown area、
Gloria Prince Hotel TaipeiOf the located next to the。

"Gloria Residence"Is unlike a typical hotel、
I want to place calm like a home stay in Taipei, people have made, hotel。
More than being home to all its guests a comfortable accommodation experience、Welcomed with a warm and welcoming staff who have the belief and smile。

Was only licensed for residents at the time for、But it could not be open only to stay for long、
2013JulyTo safely get license for the hotel industry、General staff became available!

Gloria residenceThe look、Will be surprised by the simplicity of beauty。
It is under the Sun.、200The dream world to create pattern consisting of a mosaic of more than one、
Becoming conspicuous even busy Lin Sen North Road。
Worked on the design of this building、Louis VuittonThe architect is known in the bustling Asian flagship store building designJun Aoki
Gloria residenceIs he "Paradise"Is a masterpiece on the theme.


This building isGloria groupTaiwan leading developer in
"JUT LAND DEVELOPMENT"Along with the buildings built in、
Some are general public apartment house。
Entrance to the apartment building's entrance here。
Gloria residenceThe entrance is next to it so、Please make the wrong。
Even though apartment security does not strictly, without permission。


At the entrance of the hotel is on the right side of the entrance of the apartment、
Next to the entranceGloria residenceThe logo and、Image of a Peacock.


And is always stand guard at the hotel entrance、
The opening and closing of the doors protecting the safety of the residents.


Enter right away and at the front、Back left there an elevator。
Lobby and dropped illumination and calm、Without the pretentious, attentive、
Felt stylish surroundings with free Wi-Fi.


In front I can Japan language at all times, so please returned、Peace of mind for people with poor English was、
Always been a guest said to me、Please pay attention to detail。
The charge of check-in、The front Office SupervisorLouis Lu
Has been training as a series group hotel in Tokyo Japan、
Could you tell me the Japan language fluently.


Front Office Assitant ManagerBetty WengEven Japan is very nice、
And her friendly conversation gives relief to healing!

BettyThe、Gloria residenceIs responsible for the management。
She is visiting Taiwan for the first time against、
Paid attention to detailed management supports us on various life issues。
Such a thingBettyTheir importance、In addition to request colleagues "From daily observations"It seems to。
Believes she can provide best services to observe the daily guest。
There was a kind of story。
Gloria residenceOpen shortly、And the American four family about 1 month stay、
So have his wife rode in a wheelchair during this。
Gloria residenceThe staff pays particular attention to、Poised now support in times of trouble she took。
"At that time we were watching monitor always shoot hotel"AndBettyYes.。
She comes from the room、Staff immediately rushed by a lift and support。
When I returned from going out at the entrance to her birthday、Your room is confirmed successfully sent。
BettyWill says。
"Our staff is always bordered with sincerity"。
That people with disabilities to live in a foreign country、It is not。
Gloria residenceThe staff became feel like guest said、Over the daily details、Undertakes the work at our best。
Because of、Is is safe to any guests here is popular in Taiwan.


Louis LuAnd store their luggage Porter、Will show up!

All rooms feature、1The white world is quite different from the lobby was waiting for!
The floor in a white uniform、Than hotel exudes an atmosphere of luxury condominiums in somewhere like。
Floor, 2 F-F 8 and be、4Because F is not、6And the floor。
Rooms 51 room an individual theme.、Unlike the placement and size of the room、
Sheltered from various。
Now、Next in line is the introduction of this room.

Gloria Residence
Location:Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359
TEL:+886 2 2531 0699

Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 359

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