Taipei "Gloria Prince Hotel" Facilities introduction to active, such as in business and wellness and wedding


"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The
In Japan, Prince Hotel and the Hotel Amadeus、1970Is a long-established hotel。
You can stay at a relatively reasonable price、
And it staff can converse in Japan、Guests can enjoy a friendly peace of mind。
This time the、Business and wellness、
Or introduce the facility used as a wedding!


The staff are fluent Japan language during、
Chinese、You can get peace of mind for people who are good at English。
This time the、Front Office Manager Japan languageNini HsiaTo be guided!


Business Center

4Floor business centre offers free Internet is started.、
Rent a meeting room and business services has been、
Will be available with advance reservation。
Business items:Conference room rental、Copy (black and white / Kara-)、Scan、Laser printers (black & white and Kara-)、
FAX、Internet、Rental of equipment (projector)。
Available to you want to be?、Please contact the number below.

[Opening times:08:00-20:30】
For inquiries::+886-2-2581-8111(Ext. 1322)


PC、Copy (black and white / Kara-)、Scan、Laser printers (black & white and Kara-), of and use。


Large conference room capacity is about 20、Large, medium, small and in all 3 rooms are provided.


Fitness Center

11-Floor fitness centre in addition to various athletic equipment、
Is equipped with facilities including a steam bath and sauna、
Accommodation is available at the free、Guests enjoy a relaxing sweat!
Facilities:Weight training area、Cardio capacity strengthening areas、
Cable TV、Sauna (steam bath、Sauna room)、Locker、Shower。

[Opening times:Weekdays 6.:00-21:30/Saturday 8 am:00-20:00/Sunday、Holidays 8.:00To 18:00】
For inquiries::+886-2-2581-8111(Ext. 1460)


Fitness Center front desk


Dressing room


Sauna & shower room



2014JulyOn the 1st floor original restaurant was "La fanten"
Opened the redesigned "L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"。
While hotel owners also culinary Director responsible for、
In addition there farmerFudy ChenOrganic farms produce a fresh organic vegetables and
Has been reborn as the restaurant can enjoy the delicious seasonal hand-made dishes!
Morning 6:30-10:00Until the guests breakfast venue.


Shop、In the white space to the neutral floor within the rinban floors spread over key
Is decorated with a design of creative、
Wood Interior and a drifts natural warm atmosphere、
Naked light bulb hangs on rope-like spacious floor、Soft light that delivers on the dining table。
The later explore the pattern of eating here!

Location:Hotel 1F
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 17:30-21:30、Snack 21:30-23:00
Book by phone:+886 903 393 098



Freshly baked bread made in the oven of a hotel special offers、
From the breakfast bread、Stone ware bread、Wheat cake、We are dedicated to all up to suites with European。
And the chef Gloria Prince XO sauce series、Pineapple cake、
Get various gifts in the hotel、Traveler or buy souvenirs.

Location:Hotel 1F
Hours of operation:12:30-21:30
Book by phone:+886 903 393 098


1Climb the classical staircase of wooden floor、2Cantonese cuisine are on the floor.


CHIOU HWA Restaurant

Chef's treasuresPeter Wu9 Wah House led by a "Authentic Cantonese cuisine、Authentic Dim sum"The founding spirit of、
Abalone、Sea cucumber、Shark's fin、Offers cuisine using the finest ingredients, such as belly meat。
Taste、Smell、Many of the dishes from the Visual、For small meetings and banquets attracts many guests。
The later explore the pattern of eating here!


White table cloth clean and shining a bright crimson contrast、
Under the chandelier shines brightly、Provides floor to shoot, classic!

Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 17:30-21:30
Private room:4Two staterooms (fuyo procuratorial、Aronia procuratorial、Rina Matsuri procuratorial、Yuri procuratorial) equipped with
Book by phone:+886-2-2581-8111(Ext 1521、1522-


At the entrance of the room next to the room、I have been decorated with red curtain, such as celebrations。
He told us I wonder、Bride and groom wedding stay at that! (Joy)
A person in a hotel in this red curtain、Glad we encounter in the dark when it!


On this day、Despite the midweek
White wedding and have witnessed many beautiful bride who was dressed in a dress!
In Taiwan、Wedding culture is not widespread、
Wedding in the hotel and restaurant will be mainstream.


Gloria Prince Hotel TaipeiNow、A small bridal ban cricket、So crowded is a weekend。
You can come across nice scene、Whats my happiness with. (I)
Next in line、In each room.

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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