Taipei "Gloria Prince Hotel" peace of mind check in at a Japanese brand of 1970 establishment!


"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The
In Japan, Prince Hotel and the Hotel Amadeus、
1970Is a long-established hotel。
You can stay at a relatively reasonable price、
And it staff can converse in Japan、Guests can enjoy a friendly peace of mind。
Among the guests for years、Japanese stay rate is 70-80% and accounted for the vast majority、
Is very popular in Japan hospitality。
Location is in the heart of Taipei、Cultural centres all over the multimedia & creative, living air is filled with
Very popular areas located in Zhongshan area。
MRT "Shuang Lian station"From the walk 5-8 minutes、Will be along the forest in North Road in the downtown area.


In here to "Sincere hospitality"Service beliefs has been raised、
Hospitality of staff
Japan level is the quality and safety of。
On this day、But with the arrival of approximately 10 minutes before midnight late-night、
And you face the doorman、He received a suitcase and.


In the entrance lobby of the hotel、Prepare for the new year spring is underway、
Red and gold for Navigator and I wonder if Spring Festival (Festival toy) decorated in vivid color greets!


The front lobby、Soft tones and colours、Avoid excessive Interior even during a simple
In presenting high-quality antique feeling atmosphere。
Poised at the front desk at the entrance on your right back、Concierge services at the right。
Can Japan language speaking staff are waiting for、Peace of mind even if you're poor English service.


[Susumu precious goods merchants (would you shinnpou)]

Hotel throughout、Hotel ownerFudy ChenOf the motherGuo jade LingThe collection
Exhibits and antiques and other art objects、This delicate carvings、
Which means goods get invited treasure "China Merchants property hex mines-(would you shinnpou)"And carved、
Good luck good luck up on art supplies!


Normal check-in time is at 15:00From the possible。
To submit your passport and credit card、Completing the check-in is if you sign up after confirmation of accommodation.


My luggage Porter、From the lobby to your room and let's!


19701826. "Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The、
2001On July 9,.More partnership with Seibu group、
"Prince Hotels & Resorts Prince Hotels&Resorts"The international tourist Inn would be a member.


9Floor elevator

Mentioning the classically elegant poise and opened a 46-year-old hotel、
Including the room has been successively renewed for each floor、Equipped with old and new rooms 220 rooms、
7It is possible to choose the room type from the room types that meet the demands.


Antiques individually on each floor too many Chinese-style and taste!


[Room type square number / Area:

Standard (Standard) 6-7 m 2/20-23 m ²
Deluxe (Deluxe) 8-9 m 2 / 26-30m ²
Deluxe Room (Executive Room) 8-9 m 2 / 26-30m ²
Junior (Junior) 12 m 2 / 40m ²
Business (Business) 15 m2 / 50m ²
Executive (Executive) 20 m2 / 66m ²
Gloria (Gloria) 23 square meters / 76m ²


[Amulet / Lion bite sword]

And it is believed Haja to vanquish the evil lion or Tiger in China power、
The lion biting Haja sword further "Lion bite sword"Is as a powerful talisman
Has become a very popular motif in Chinese。
With Guardian Angel, welcome!


This time、The rooms become indebted
9Room 908,-F "Deluxe Room (Executive Room)"Next I。
Next is the introduction to your room!

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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