How to return rented at 7-Eleven in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport reasonable WiFi "iVideo"!


This time the、Overseas for mobile Wi-FiThe 'Video"On the net and book in advance、
In the Food Court of the Taoyuan International Airport underground "7-ELEVEN 7-Eleven"We have rented at。
Very convenient for airport rentals to also return home、For a low-price deals!
To be returned prior to departure procedures、Immediately in the food court "7-ELEVEN 7-Eleven"To a and o.

When you rent at the airport "iVideo" post is here!
"Taoyuan International Airport," the discount WiFi "iVideo" by rental to Taipei city at high speed bus


"7-ELEVEN eleven"The near the cash register、
IbonBecause the Terminal says、In touch and return procedures、Submit to the cashier then return sheet。
Only one Chinese-language notation、Please follow the instructions below。
"Video"The Internet site on、Also returning are listed in Japan、
Worried about、Would be good, you have to print it out!


First of all the、In the top left corner of the touch screen "Bill ferry imports"The press。


RentalsOverseas for mobile Wi-Fi KitReturn bags。
return numberThe、Please check written to return bags。


In the following、Overseas for mobile Wi-FiAre listed when the rent received return bag
return numberEnter。
After you have entered "Under step"That continue to press Next button。


In this screen、Please read the consent form (English) "Consent"Press the button。


Without doubt, double-check the return number "Confirmation"Press the button。


At the end of the input、Next to the copy machine emitted a paper return for。


In return for this "7-ELEVEN diplomatic cargo flight service unit"Next I。


Return paper "7-ELEVEN diplomatic cargo flight service unit"With the return bagOverseas for mobile Wi-Fi KitTo
Pass at the seven-eleven cashier、The return is completed。
Receive also return very easy、Come try!
Next in line、Introduce the food court here.


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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