"Tokyo Curry" of Japan to taste in Taiwan curry! Tonkatsu of the low-temperature cooking is recommended!


"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport"Flight suit、
"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To start with、
To arrive at the airport in the early afternoon、Would be nice to finish ago lunch。
For the flight meals come out soon、But it is still good、
RIM even、Here's Japanese owners out there I saw、
This time the、"Unification of commercial gastronomy square (PCSC food court)It will provide a Japanese-style curry in "
"Tokyo Curry"At Let's Eat!
The Tokyo Curry、The Japanese owner
"Taiwan will want to know Curry delicious Japan!"And thought how they、
In the Curry chain store opened in Taipei、
Now、Taipei "Unified Hankyu Department store"、"Taipei 101"、"8 out of Shunde zone store"、"Taoyuan International Airport"The expanded!
Asked the other day "La Cave Aburi"Even in this series and this is。
You can feel free to drop in a casual cafe style restaurant.


Prepare also counter in the shop、And one person can feel free to stop by。
And Japan-language-speaking staff、Communication was easy to take!


Tokyo Curry menu




beefAndchickenseafoodBased on Curry and rice in the heart、
OmeletteCheeseFried chickenPork cutletBeefsteakAnd topped with menus。
Caponata is jammedGrilled tomatoAndFrench friesSmoked salmonSide menu, such as enriched, too!
Full-fledgedBeefsteakAnd、JuicyPork cutlet burgerAlso would suggest that。
12Since the mid-September is revised menu and prices、
Next time let's hear too!


Here you will、Wine servers、Enjoy various wines by the glass。
While keeping the vent plug the wine oxidation process the wine Server、
Keep at a temperature suitable for、It is possible in any good condition you taste the wine!
Excellent à la carte snack menu、
Would be nice with your choice of wine used in the global sense.


Costs TWD 100 "mini salad" (Yen Japan 370)

Speaking of curry and salad!
Lettuce with tomato-based、Onion、In a simple salad with pickles、
Dressing is a Ponzu base sauce。
1Small salad servings.、And because the volume、
We shared by two people.


"Cheese Omlets Toncatsu Curry" 490 TWD (Japan Yen JPY 1820)

"Cheeseomletstoncatskary" is ordered.。
On top of the rice fluffy and covered with tuna omelet、Crispy thick Pork cutlet comes on!
Egg omelette with、A break in the raw yellow toothpick is to stand as a fresh selection!
In saucepot、For Lou and topped with cheese chicken base is different and comes with a。

Because it uses Taiwan's finest Koshihikari rice、Also enjoy the texture and sweet taste。

Is among the most obsessed、The katsu here!
From the time-consuming hassle pork Curry shop in low temperature cooking、It is a commitment Buri quickly deep fry it!
On the side、Desktop provides a jar of pickled onions and pickled Lee Curry classic。


A hearty pork cutlet on、With plenty of let's go Lou!
The Tokyo Curry Roux、Stir until onions slowly caramelized, flavor out.、
Carrots in bouillon、Banana、Garlic、And original blend of spices、
Over the course of three days with plenty of sauce, is made。
"Delicious Curry of the day"And to be told、
By heating for a long time、Making sense of taste is the secret、
Curry original、So said is cooling down oozing flavor ingredients、
Cool cooked maybe even Lou here is repeating、3Will be in days, have been made.
According to Lou finished in rich hues and nod、
The flavor of the ingredients condensed、You can have in stock and simmered。
Like a spicy and fruity taste、
And richness in the hallmark of curry in Japan is so popular for young and old!


Toro-slowly melting cheese over Curry、And voila!
Curry topping ingredients and seasonings、"Morinaga milk industry"According to a survey conducted、
What! Second is the classic "Pickles"、Topping actually most favored means "cheese"!
Not to mention the cheese with curry, is outstanding!
The cheese will taste rich and、It becomes mild.


Japan-Curry with sticky Lou、Nodding and rich and very tasty!
Recommended for low temperature cooking the Pork cutlet is、
2in the cm of thickness、Enjoy the crispy texture、Juicy and delicious!
In Taipei because they rise involuntarily with pleasant taste。

Now、For the approaching flight time、In a hurry, go to the gate.

Tokyo Curry
Taiwan Taoyuan Dayuan, Nikko Station Road No. 9 TEL:+886-3-3834817
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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