Introduction to unified Super commercial gastronomy square with Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan local food court


"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"The、
In the previous、Dining at、And is rumored to only high, but I would recommend、
At the Asia airport、Was counted as one of the most unfortunately unattractive airport。
So Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport、Along the flow of the recently renovated home improvement、
Now that staff in the culinary area and、Has transformed into an attractive airport。
Gourmet spot exists in each floor、
This time the、On the second floor food court "Unification of commercial gastronomy square (PCSC food court)"I introduce the ♪


In the Middle floor、In the famous shop of tapioca milk tea、
In Japan and the opening "Spring water temple"And、Encompasses all around and plenty of restaurants around。
In a local specialty "Powder Yuan (tapioca)"Develop and had tea with tapioca milk tea、And popular、
Now also offers a variety of drinks and has grown to the most popular shop!



The food court
Always a fast food shop


Starbucks coffee

Worldwide common
Starbucks is very popular!



This food court
7-Eleven management company


"Karen Kai Lin steel plates sintered"

Teppan grilled specialty here at the store、
Sound will be fried vegetables, fish, shrimp, meats are attractive for many tourists。


"Degree Satsuki"

Tainan birthplace of
"Dan zai noodles" is very popular!


"Screw feelings of old ice brewed lo-mei"

braised dishes taste like Oden
Braid straps noodles of ramen Recommended!


"End House bright fruit concept store"

Fresh juice in the Center
The Café serves light meals!


"Spring water temple"

"Spring water temple"The Cafe food menu also provides、
Family restaurant in Taiwan cuisine can enjoy a varied menu mainly。


"Clouds wandering large ravioli"

Wonton、Ramen、Dim sum,
Guests can enjoy local food!


"Jin Man Park ribs"

With the pork ribs of Taiwan specialties
Set meal is popular!


"South Korea 1.

Such as bibimbap
Korea food available!


"Tokyo Curry Tokyo Curry.

"Taiwan will want to know Curry delicious Japan!"And
To deploy the Japanese owner Curry chain shops。
Large amounts of onions cooked for three days and European-style Curry is very popular in Taiwan!
Asked the other day "La Cave Aburi"The affiliate store will be。
I think you want to depart from our eating Curry at the store here。
Next in line、"Tokyo Curry" introduction!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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