"HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI" stylish and classic Deluxe Room


"Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)"of
"Deluxe Room"The、
Size 38 m² / 11.2 pyeongNext、Simple but good quality and、I feel the design of commitment。
Floors and fittings in a luxurious atmosphere with natural wood。
Thickness of each piece of wood is different because you're making best use made of wood processing、
Floor、There is only a slight bump of walking is not well。
And、One piece leather headboards and a smallish but tastefully chandelier covered with high-quality leather。
Two lovely enough to ensure the space is full size and。
In the room、Includes white Plush Slippers、
It is by far the pleasant floor to spend barefoot ♪


Walnut (Hickory)On the wall using the、American brand
"RH(Restoration Hardware from USA)And chic fabric sofa 3 seater antique of "
Coffee table one soldier hung。
In a dark wood floor、And laid a red rug、Hotel style。
I feel calm, such as if there even at home in the living ♪


In the closet、Since the pipes are suspended as a cover、
Disconnect the lower from metal pipe、Is designed to become a little blindfold。
And、And comprises several hangers、Good news is that provides up to umbrella!
On the trip、That would tend to bring a portable folding umbrella、
Just in case、If you have forgotten or it is a valuable service, such as the sudden bad weather.


The drinks in the mini bar are provided、
In mineral water capsule type of coffee maker "NESPRESSO"、
Tea、High-quality brand of Singapore "TWG TeaAdopt "!


In the refrigerator、Coca-Cola in soft drinks、Sprite、Peach water、
Pocari Sweat、Apple juice、Calpis water、Green tea、
In the sequence、The beer "Taiwan Beer"And the Italian"Peroni"By providing、
The snacks、With candies and chocolates、
All are included during the stay、Amazing except for wine and free offers! (Terrible)
I think that it is shopping need not such a comfortable service ♪


Safety deposit box of relief


The wine glass in tumbler


Espresso & tea cup


(194 cmx 203 cm) King size bed、
Taiwan-made high-quality brand "Old K Spring Bed"Adopted、A soft cushion of the pillow invites a comfortable sleep ♪


In the available light crystal chandeliers、
You can produce the night of the atmosphere in a jerk and moody atmosphere ♪


Of simple design
Air conditioner control panel


The classical to make up and down is
Light switch


Easy to understand and simple
Lighting dimmer switch


Taiwan-made consumer electronics manufacturers "CHIMEI"Of the 50-inch LCD TV、
Enjoy the Hotel Info、Room service will be available in、
In addition、In the smart entertainment、Can receive satellite broadcasts、
Other incidental to the free music and movie services、Guests can enjoy a nice experience。
And beams.、BGM is indispensable.


Beneath the LCD TV、Made in Japan "YAMAHA"The are equipped with Bluetooth audio Sound bar、
connecting iPhone or iPod、It is possible to enjoy your favorite music!


To prevent disruption to the business、In the fittings of the order、
Ensure the working space。
Free Wi-FiThe、Please, enter your password.


Sensitive Watch
Lighting senses the sign of life


You can take advantage of the business
Stationery or Notepad


Copper hanger


HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI The rooms at most want to focus、
Chic's a luxury vibe Bath & powder room featuring bold Italian marble!
Showers and toilets are in glass and by independent and、Single vanities are provided.


Leisurely foot extensible size sense of England "Adamsez"In the bath、
Phone type reprinted the image of tap was used in ancient Europe faucet and shower head。
Dissolved salts provided amenities、Enjoy the elegant bath time!


made in Japan"TOTO"The open and close automatic lid type、
In Taiwan it will be relatively rare with bidet and ♪


The shower room is surrounded by tiles of geometric patterns made in Italy、
In the over head shower and twin shower hot water even 10 minutes is。
Is base item、Made in Italy "Allegrini"ofNero OldUse。
In the extracts were taken from India tree care products、Is characterized by an oriental scent!


Treatment of made in Italy in the shower room as well as powder room geometric pattern tiles.、
Lighting on both sides of the mirror is characterized by!
Have volume, high quality towels for bath、For face、As for the hand and variety、
At the feet、made in Japan"TANITA"We have established a digital health meter ♪


Of professional bar ugly original
Amenity goods with pouch


Made in Italy "Allegrini"
Nero Oud bus items


220The available V and 110V


Enjoy reading while relaxing in your room、Spend a relaxing time。
Next in line、HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI Of the facility is an introduction ♪

Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)
No period of 56 Daan Road, Taipei Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2711 1118

Taipei da-an road, 56th

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