Orthodox sect Sachertorte, Milan long-established Café "COVA-Cova" traditional recipe (closed)


Founded in 1817Pretty soon200 yearBecome a historyMilanThe long-established Italian Cafe 'COVA cover"。
In the domestic、Marunouchi in Tokyo and Shinjuku 2 stores and Nagoya is only one 號舖 here。
Quality time and space、Carefully selected ingredients and traditional recipes that produce chocolate and cakes、Enjoy the mellow Café。
MaseratiOf the country inItalyThe Café also has、Be provided as Maserati's novelties
Said Trident engraved with sweets and chocolates are made here、It is unbearable to the Maserati fan Cafe.


Shop、In the elegant and dignified appearance
Has been so favored by female travellers、The number of seats we have with 54 seats and、
There is a popular Cafe crowded with always、May need while waiting to enter the shop。


Line and in-store showcase、Our colorful cake on top。
Orthodox of carefully selected ingredients and traditional recipes make cake hits!


On this day、Maserati tiesMasaaki MatsunamiMr. in together、Next Maserati touring arrangements for tee times。
"onde co., Ltd."The President beenMatsunamiMr. a、Very high reputation both among womenMT Metatron cosmeticsUsing
Medical conception of facial Salon "MT Salon"Being operated.


"Sachertorte" 800 yen

Since the inception of Milan's COVA recipe made OrthodoxSacher / Sachertorte(Italy-language reading of the Sacher)。
Use plenty of roasted cacao beans crushed around, enjoying the feeling of appetite、
During sponge、And sandwiched between chocolate cream with gianduja was imported from Italy and apricot jam、
Is the taste of sweet humble。
Cream、Melting point lower than body temperature of those who with 100% animal raw cream on that made for、
Places in the stomach and is where you will find all the highlights。
Here you will、The daily recommended cake, chocolate, coffee, tea, latte set menu、Enjoy every day different cakes!


"Coffee jelly"

Hazelnut cream、Panna cotta、Coffee jelly with coffee jelly has become a three-tier。
Is one cool summer dessert!



Can be served with chocolates delivered directly from the head office in Milan Italy。
And the richly flavored hazelnut paste was crowded mixing gianduja、Pistachio、Praline chocolate coffee.



Our cover-original demitasse Cup Richard Ginori-rich coffees.

MatsunamiWith cover, Director of good friendsTakahashi MasanoriMr. a、
In willing to serve our customers with warm-hearted hospitality、Has earned the trust of our customers、
Many people known as the specialty store!


Midland premium magazine 'My Story Vol.25"Now、
Figure skating athletes have been intimatelyTakahiko KozukaMr. published along with it happily spoke。
Revered by many fans, and specialty storeTakahashiIs it to meet in、
Enjoy the Bliss tea with delicious coffee!

COVA-Cova Midland
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Nakamura-Ku, meieki 4-7-1 Midland 2F TEL:052-527-8828
Hours of operation :11:00-20:00( L.O. 19:30-
Closed on Mondays:Equivalent to the Midland closed

4-7-1 meieki Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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