Back at the Mandarin Oriental Shanghai hotel airport shuttle service

We have this "Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai (Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai) Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern "for using the airport shuttle service boasting concierge team、The airport will be sent according to the return flight!

The last day breakfast、2According to the flight time to early breakfast served in the private club floor "Club & lounge (Club)"、This travel pattern by recalling the cheers at the Qingdao Beer!

To the staff of the Club Lounge、24Around-the-clock support, because it really helped me.、Check-out was the last anniversary shoot!

In the lobby、Hotel ManagerEric BlomeyerAnd Angela Cai's Director of Marketing Communications please come to see me off.、Convey my feelings of gratitude、2 who loves Japan and hope reunited in Japan say good-bye!

This optional service and shuttle service、The models differ in rates by grade。We use high grade "Mercedes-Benz"、Take approximately 50 minutes by car from the hotel airport, we pick away!

A roomy play、Some nice air conditioned vehicle、Cold oshibori provided bottled water rear seating is very comfortable and the running of the stable!

"Shanghai Pudong International Airport."Terminal 1 would be approximately 40 minutes by car.

At the entrance of the arrival、And thanks for waiting staff dedicated airport MO、In the airport carrying big loads and、Staff at the check-in counter、Support all flow to the departure!

Actually,、That is a big accident suffered at the end of the last trip、By MO staff social support successfully solved major problems!

In fact one day prior to、You to / from the airport and wants to return home as planned and、In the aftermath of Typhoon No. 21 was hit in Japan、It is has become a [cancelled] go to Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport scheduled flight!

Listed in the Bulletin Board [canceled] red letters! This is very bad for the heart is (laughs)

That was an instant panic because it was the first such flight accident、Provide quick wit MO airport staff of the day Chris (Chris)、Quick switching makes instrumental arrangements [substitute]!

However,、Flights to Japan of the day became the [cancelled] how airport、Everything is cancelled!
Corpsman、International ticket counter、Attempts to book the next day to focus on flights to Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport-bound flight time! For many travellers changed flights、Succeeded in securing a last minute vacancy! It was all、It is thanks to MO staff Chris (Chris) and be quick!

Because next day flights differ from the [cancelled]、As a courtesy car called rice paddies back a u-turn to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel! (Lol! )

In the hotel、From all the staff we met welcome back!

By steep hadn't planned anything for、Relaxing time at the hotel guests can、You can enjoy Shanghai reverse extra for 1 day longer、Surprisingly this is not by accident、Seemed to me that I'm lucky!

The next day flights a day、Worth of airport the day before, thanks to this, MO airport staff Mona (Mona) leave the smart!

Mona long and slim so frail.、Our 30 kg over the puppet very simple suitcase、I liken her anxiously voice multiplied by、"Okay I can pull from. For your peace of mind! "And respond with a smile、I felt very strong!

Immigration had become large matrix、Flight time was clear to、Shopping at the airport looking for souvenirs!

Now available for the first time see China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern Airlines) "Of the aircraft、And the room was clean、Very compact size for、That pretty much was fueled by strong winds、3In an hour or so of the flight to return to Japan safely!

Return to Hamamatsu、"Maserati Japan Tridente Experience 2018 (Trident, Maserati Japan experience 2018)" giving on the sea from Maserati Hamamatsu became indebted in the event staff、Lower the curtain will travel to Shanghai!

Go's luxury liner (4 days)、Is an airplane on the way back (3 hours)! This travel time and feel good once in a while!

Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern
Location:111 Pudong S Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, People's Republic of China 200120
TEL:+86 21 2082 9888

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