After an elegant Mandarin Oriental Shanghai Club Lounge breakfast greetings to you GM

On the Huangpu River in Pudong's luxury five-star hotel "Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai (Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai) Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern "in view of the morning"Club Mandarin River view room (Club Mandarin River View Room)、To fill the gaps in the clouds towering skyscrapers bathed in sunshine、Night and also reflects the different landscapes、I feel to it, it's invigorating!

Flowers blooming in the garden at the entrance、We closed the petals at night、Morning sun, blossomed all at once、Colorful are adorable!

And the atmosphere of the night and it was very、The entrance lobby into abundant natural light airy and cozy atmosphere!

General use main dining room is next to the basement floor throughout the day would be operating "zest (Zest).、In the open kitchen style that chefs alive longer、A rich buffet-style breakfast is served!

From Shanghai Dim sum or hot shandmacle or Chinese rice porridge、Enjoy noodles in China、Popular in Japan food such as sushi and cold tofu、Colorful Western! In the desert、With tropical fruit and gelato very delicious!

Although the underground、Courtyard terrace area becomes a stairwell、Bring plenty of natural light、Restaurant very obsessed with cleanliness.

We have、2Let's enjoy the breakfast served in the prepared floor private club "Club Lounge (Club)"!

Enjoy snacks and drinks at intervals in the Club Lounge、Breakfast (am6:30~ am10:30-、Lunch (am11:30-pm2:30-、Afternoon tea (pm3:00-pm5:00-、Evening cocktail hour (pm6:00-pm8:00) And available!

Wood and marble with dark colours and、Unleash the restless Club Lounge、Hot dish, freshly baked bread and pastries、Based on available ingredients ranging from salad! For the number of seats is limited and、Very quiet breakfast time!

Breakfast Menu
Things like when、I am a Western-style system、Her husband's choice to Chinese!

(1) an omelet plates
Omelettes to order each presents the favorite ingredients, serving freshly prepared! In an elegant size feeling of not ever poached but also stunning beauty! Bacon in the salad、With the Browns love!

(2) Pan
Strawberry custard pie to the texture of the crispy croissants、Such as the cinnamon rolls!

(3) "fruit and yogurt.
Pineapple in watermelon、Melon、Dragon fruit、Fit the yogurt with plum, etc!

(4) "cappuccino"
To order a cappuccino and hot coffee, not the、So he finished the fan pattern symbolizes the Mandarin on the fluffy cream in cocoa powder、Insta shines!

(5) dumpling "and" Chinese rice porridge
Healthy Chinese porridge is slow stewed with thick juciy soup with plenty of stuffing!

(6) "Chinese noodles"
Chinese noodles make per order! Plain and simple, elegant soup is perfect for rice the morning with you!


And is relaxing at the library (Library) in the lounge after breakfast、Greeting us warmly greeted Clemens Hoerth has been served as a hotel General Manager, so!

This time、The GM Clemens、"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"The parent"GLION GROUP"Handling Miyagi"Manazuru Tanaka brewery"The present Butterfly Princess becomes the first sparkling sake brand name"Manazuru"!

Hope you'll enjoy, well chilled、Easy to drink in micro foam with light、Felt classy sweet also favored by women、Like the name of butterfly Princess becomes sake in the mouth is the airy dance born!

Clemens said、Alcohol in sake, like they were so glad!

Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern
Location:111 Pudong S Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, People's Republic of China 200120
TEL:+86 21 2082 9888

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