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"Yang Yi ting" Shanghai's one-star Michelin Chinese restaurant!


"Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai (Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai) Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern "of the Chinese restaurant in the basement"Yong Yi Ting at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai(Yang Yi ting) Yonghegong Temple sunshine Youth Garden ' at the special dinner!

Here at the "Michelin Guide Shanghai 2018"、Superbly and earning one star、Shanghai and its neighboring area Jiangsu cuisine、Zhejiang cuisine、Authentic Jiangnan cuisine specialty restaurant!

Anita and I to blue sky glittering neon night atmosphere、Has undergone great changes in the world of adults and to、Dress up dinner special specifications, carries a foot into the restaurant!

Countless lantern is hung on the ceiling、And a fantastic world with soft light、The interior atmosphere and chic!

They serve Laval Yong Yi Ting Restaurant Manager Roy!

8Celebrate the birthday of her husband, was born in、Cheers in boasts a delicate and elegant, full-bodied taste "Perrier jouet, Grand, Brut (PERRIER JOUET GRAND BRUT)"!

Yong Yi Ting Special Dinner Menu

(1) "homemade pickles (Pickles).
Spicy homemade pickles, spicy (carrot、Small lotus root、Cucumber) is、On the food before liquor!

(2) ' seasoned cashew (Cashew nuts).

(3) see Wasabi flavor of Bok Choy and shiitake mushrooms, pine nuts cooked (Soy braised black mushrooms with mustard greens).
Is eating the crunchy Bok Choy、Through every bite bite the nose Wasabi smell fresh and classy taste! Rich texture and Braised mushroom in Jusici soup pouring comes out!

(4) "pomfret with soy sauce (Crispy pomfret,sweet soy).
煮付keta, pomfret, fried crispy and wrapping cloth to be involved in a sweet soy sauce-based dish is、With a perfect fluffy texture balance's crunchy and the inside、So it becomes a prisoner in one bite!

(5) "tofu soup (Slender bean curd soup,dried scallop).
Open the lid of the hot soup、The sight of the stunning beautiful swirl of tofu!
Adds a depth of shrimp and shellfish dried kombu dashi elegant flavor、Soup bean with the sense of satisfaction while healthy!

(6) "Gyu-Kaku sauce (the in soy sauce with Brased boneless beef ribs nuts).
Holo holo and mouth melt of good beef boiled、Enjoy accent nutty texture with a sweet classy!

(7) "Taihu Lake's Shrimp Fried (Wok-fried TaiHu lake shrimps).

白ワインはフランスのシャルドネ「マコン・ミリー・ラマルティーヌ(MACON MILY LAMARTINE 2016)」を合わせて!


⑧「干し豆腐麺 白湯スープ(Braised shredded bean curd with mandarin fish in broth)」


⑨「豆苗と青菜のお浸し(Poached pea sprouts with lake weed)」

⑩「肉生煎包(Pan-fried bun with minced wild mushrooms and beef)」
Packed with plenty of beef with mushrooms in teriyaki sauce, baked meat buns、In hot bread、On the bottom is crispy and savory、A thick skin as I click texture and、Hot Jussieu is a popular menu item!

Fit the Vietti Tre Vigne Barbera D'Asti 2014 Piedmont Asti Italy red wine!

(11) "passion fruit dumplings squash sauce (不fruit Chilled pumpkin with passion,glutinous rice dumplings).
Dessert、Even with sticky rice was small buns with dust。Guests can enjoy a refreshing passion fruit in it taste、Source is a smooth pumpkin sauce!

The only truly say Michelin class、In China while any dishes exquisitely classy、It looks、Fragrance、Bliss dinner enjoyed the taste and a balanced course from the heart!

Yong Yi Ting at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai
(Yang Yi ting) Yonghegong Temple sunshine Youth Garden
Hours of operation:LUNCH 11:30-14:30、DINNER 17:30To 22:30
TEL:+86 (21) 2082 9978

Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern
Location:111 Pudong S Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, People's Republic of China 200120
TEL:+86 21 2082 9888

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The historical Western country style on the "Shanghai Bund" Yellow River West Bank town "Mandarin Oriental Shanghai" after an elegant breakfast in walking along the riverside promenade
The historical Western country style on the "Shanghai Bund" Yellow River West Bank town
"Mandarin Oriental Shanghai" after an elegant breakfast in walking along the riverside promenade


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