Introducing our fully equipped facilities at Mandarin Oriental Shanghai tours!

"Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai (Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai) Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern "of you introduce this hotel!

Hotel fine dining started.、Private spa & pool、And a wide variety of content, such as meeting rooms and wedding facilities、It's a 5-star hotel with a lot of facilities!

2Meet Angela Cai of Director of Marketing Communications at Club Lounge on the second floor、Mo original "Fan" was given as a souvenir!

19The fan of the classical style built in the century、3depicting a classic courtyard divided into two patterns、Four small windows depict animals、I give a gorgeous flower lace to the surroundings and show the flower! The fan that MO of all over the world finishes each richly individuality! MO Shanghai Fan、Because it is a feeling of size that is temporary,、If you look up, you'll get a graceful breeze、The classic design has a gentle impression! As mo fan、This fan collection is unbearable!

During the meeting、General Manager Clemens Hoerth also visited us.

In addition, hotel managerEric BlomeyerBecause he showed his face、To the staff、We present the "Eel Pie", a famous confectionery of Hamamatsu where we live.

On a hotel tour、As a staff member who can speak Japanese、Tiffany(self-proclaimed):Sparrow-chan was also accompanied!

Art is scattered everywhere in the hotel.、In the front background of the Club Lounge、It is decorated with porcelain works titled "Music of Lotus" by Lai Dequan, a famous chinese art and craftsman!

A lotus painting boldly drawn to dance while feeling the sound、I'm surprised that this work is porcelain, which is freely manipulated with glazes! If you look up close to you,、You can enjoy the beauty of sparkling porcelain!

Also、Japanese writers are also employed.、The moment i got down to the club lounge、The work that jumps in front of you is "Bamboo Grov", which is hung by Hiromi Hiromi-HiroshiOka. This work utilizes the traditional Japanese artistic technique of "stencil dyeing"、To produce various expressions by light、I feel the delicacy atmosphere is different every time!

1Go through the Riviera Lounge on the second floor、On the grass-covered path、Descend to the courtyard surrounded by buildings! Here you can feel the light wind and comfort、There seems to be a bridal ceremony.

Facing the courtyard、There is a modern-style French restaurant, FIFTY 8° GRILL (58° GRILL).、Here, we offer grilled dishes based on traditional French cuisine. Later、I introduce the state of lunchtime here in detail!

On the first floor of the residence adjacent to the hotel,The Mandarin Cake Shop at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai(Mandarin Cake Shop)、Baked chocolate confectionery and bread produced by patissier、Cake、Macarons and more are available!

There is also an exhibition of chocolate art that the arm of the exclusive Chocolatier sounds、Lemon trees and rubik's cubes are all made up of chocolate.、It is possible to order in a variety of designs! It's a sweet smell、I just inadvertently.、Even the shiny dark brown chair looked like chocolate( laughs)

Here you will、"MO original mooncake" for a limited time is sold.、In the product of the cool package design that gave the shape of a fan、It is pleased with a souvenir!

On the first basement floor is the Michelin Guide Shanghai 2018.、A brilliant one-star Chinese restaurantYong Yi Ting at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, ShanghaiThere is a garden of Yan Yi Ting、Shanghai and its neighboring area Jiangsu cuisine、Zhejiang cuisine、This is a restaurant specializing in authentic Gangnam cuisine! This is a short time ago.、I introduce the state of the dinner time in detail!

There is also a Business Center on the first basement floor.、The work of Japanese land art artist "Okubo Okubo" "Shanghai Series –Wing".:Wings] is hung!
It becomes the work using the tree and the handmade paper of The Aogiri of Shanghai.、I feel the presence and gentleness of nature!

Also on the first floor of the basement、11-room treatment room at the luxury "The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai"、It becomes a private room with the name of the butterfly of each country for each room! The couple rooms are spacious and、A relaxing space where you can see the bamboo forest garden even though it is underground! The Jacuzzi is designed to fit the body, and it is possible to take a bath with two people calmly!

Here you will、There are many works of art with butterfly motifs on display.、Like a butterfly that beautifully transforms from a pupae to a butterfly、"And release the guest's body and mind、More beautiful "that is the image that!

Is the flow health club (Fitness Center) and "swimming pool (Pool)"、Pool 28 ° C and maintaining a comfortable temperature、Length 25 m、Guests can enjoy swimming in size 1.4 meters deep and spacious!

At the end of the hotel tour、Visit the Ballroom on the second basement floor!

Each ballroom partitioned by a partition、It is said that it can cope with a big event of 1,000 people if it connects!

In the showroom where the wedding reception is meeting、Including vessels and cutlery on the day of the reception、All the food and table coordination、You can choose in advance in your favorite taste!

Especially、There seems to be a lot of popularity with the venue request of the open kitchen with the chef's kitchen!

Watch you like、1Mandarin Oriental is a place where you can stay at a hotel during the day, but you will not get tired of it, and you will find a facility and stable service.、I went out once after the hotel tour.、I want to enjoy sightseeing in Shanghai city!

Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern
Location:111 Pudong S Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, People's Republic of China 200120
TEL:+86 21 2082 9888

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