Nature of rich, ringing Lake moving & moving salt eyes party notice

I was our Lade、We will report that was moved into the family house located in a quiet residential area, ringing Lake Office and residence are in Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, please!

Your moving day、Days gone by Typhoon No. 24, charmy Vesperia in extensive damage around the 10/1 (Monday)!

By Eve was hit by a violent storm before dawn more than one wire is disconnected、Become a major power outage in Shizuoka Prefecture、That the next morning and a difficult recovery work。

Call it the blessing in disguise?。
On Monday mornings、To view the stunning sunshine of the Typhoon was so hot one day!

During a power outage in the signals more movement while not、Move staff about arrive on time!

4the staff of the young 20s t truck、4Moving worked me hard and carefully in person hangs!
Thankfully、Staff had planned another move、That has become a time change in relation to Typhoon、Suddenly help 2 MWP to cheer on join us、Track thanks to one day in cues 2 Pistons to should have at one time、Moving was complete in approximately 5 hours!

Thanks、Can be carried out smoothly in the cleaning and unpacking too bright during the day、Dark is the night、TV sound no BGM、But in the light of the moon shines brightly、It is able to spend a quiet romantic night on candle-lit!

Chubu Electric Power Co. seek full recovery in 4 days、Move from Nishi Arai power fight、And the net 53 times、3Celebrate the power recovery when, early in the morning!
At the moment with the electric、A couple dances gleeful applause!

Power outage but in only 3 days、Is fully realized with difficult taste of power up!

After about a week, moving、A peaceful Sunday morning。
New 居内 are some favorite places、Introducing the terrace landscape this time!

I love soy bean omelet with "chicken burger"、Made with fresh pineapple and lemon juice pineapple juice to freshly brewed coffee at brunch time!

Becoming quite accustomed to living in a new House、He spends every day very pleasant!

Overlooking Lake sanaru nature rich view in very calm、Sunrise awakening.、With temperatures at the moment is very perfect!
Above all, ringing the Lake、Well-maintained trails surrounding the Lake 6 km、Enjoy seasonal scenery made of various plants、Running or walking、Perfect place to walk their dog.

For summer home overlooks the sanaruko Lake firework、This is the situation from now looking forward to the coming of summer!

Now、Here is the announcement!
At my house and new House.、10/21 (Sunday) 18: from the "moving salt eyes party" will be held, bringing our good friends!

On the day's first finger foods、In the summer Dharma unit will prepare drinks such as wine, spiced with plenty of "home-made Curry.、I hope to spend fun time with everyone!
Right or wrong、Please join us to feel appreciated!

For food and wine offers、Participants look forward RSVP early!
So at present already more than 20 people have gotten the participation、It would be busy on the day!

[Moving salt first party]
Date and time:2018October 21, (Sunday) 18:00-start
Location:Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu City (near the sanaruko Lake rowing Park)
Traffic:2 minutes walk from bus stop rowing field、Taxi from JR takatsuka station
* Participate directly message "new address".
Parking lot:Ago the House is three、The other day here please inform
Participation fee:Free

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