Museum by Tadao Ando, architect "of Shanghai Fudan Museum Aurora Museum"

"Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai (Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai) Shanghai Pudong sentence China Eastern "is、There is limited service to the Club floor guests、Morning 7.:00-Night 20:00Up to the time、Hotel House car service to me and within 2 km walking distance from the hotel.

This time using the shuttle service、"AuroraMuseum Shanghai seismic Fudan Museum(Auroramuseum) ' to!

The Museum click here、Taiwan companies are committed to the Museum collection of ancient jade products to see AURORA (Aurora GROUP)Seismic Fudan book group"Museum was officially opened in the 10/2013 it is!

Also、Here in the Museum of design in the Japan architect is、Led by Tadao Ando on the world famous "Tadao AndoArchitecture Institute of Tadao Ando "has been handled for、Interested in springing visited tourist attractions.
(Note:Museum of Fudan International Plaza building design is different)

Hotel、Over more than 40 years Yun Thailand Chiang, Chairman of the Aurora Group、And collect the jewelry of ancient Chinese pottery and statues、Is the historical statues and other artifacts.、Heritage materials and many are housed、Exhibitions held every few months!

Ask at information to Museum entrance、Climb up stairs drew a superb arch the glittering chandeliers、Landing is abundantly poured natural light go out!

Entry fee per adult person 60 Yuan (Japan Yen:Approximately ¥ 1020) next、Entrance with tickets for passing、Check admission done!

The Museum is、Cooperation with Beijing University Aurora ancient civilization Research Center formed a team of professional researchers, and research、Along with the ancient field of study focused on the restoration of the ancient relics!


1From the floor up to the 6th floor on each floor every theme exhibition is divided into、2017October 19-year until 10/18/2018、"Ball watch design-China 古玉 a crest design exhibition" as is a special exhibition to showcase the design in the form of ancient Chinese jade!

In a quiet room and listening to with、Just like in ancient times, to feel like time-slip! And delicate design provide the ancients was fascinated by the beauty of the long-ago jade、Enjoy a calm expression of Buddha be healed!

5From the cafe on the floor、Riverside view out to panoramic views of the Bund、Favorite spots in the hotel one.

And will be closed on Monday、Normal opening hours are 10 am:00-17:00That would be、Only the Friday closing time is 21:00To be extended for、Visit on a Friday night outside would be nice to enjoy the night view of the Bund!

AURORA MUSEUM (Aurora Museum) of Fudan Museum
Location:Shanghai Pudong district Aaron Kwok road 99, (seismic Fudan International Plaza in)
99 Fucheng Rd, LuJiaZui, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, People's Republic of China 200000
TEL: +86 21 5840 8899
Admission fees:Adults 60 original
Hours of operation:10:00-17:00
Closed days:Monday

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