World Heritage also became the stage of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet city Verona


Verona (Italy,:Verona),、Italy Republic of Veneto, in the Western City。At the heart of the city is the Roman circular competition area ruins (Arena di Verona)、And remaining medieval town has become a symbol of the city as well、2000In the year as the city of Verona registered UNESCO World Heritage (cultural heritage)。Shakespeare's plays the 2 gentlemen of Verona and is known as "Romeo and Juliet"。Located in the central part of the province of Verona、Is a city in Northern Italy to flow into the Adriatic Sea Italy second longest river Adige river。Due to vehicle regulations、The bus parked in front of the town, will walk away from here。


Take on the Adige river、The beautiful harmony of white stone and red brick triple bridge scarigello Bridge cross.、Go to world heritage sites exist in the ancient walls of the Castel Vecchio the city Verona。13-The tyrant who ruled in the 14th century Verona scalar home of Cangrande II residence in Castel Vecchio、Is currently used as a Museum。


Feel beautiful, calm air, wonderful views from the scarigello bridge。The Tower visible in the distance、Church of San Zeno Maggiore。Here is、At the Church on the banks of the Adige river、The current building is completed in the 12th century。At the appearance of a reddish brick Brown antique、In the city of Verona is very suit。This church is、Regarded as one of the three masterpieces of Italy Romanesque church。By the way, the remaining two、The Duomo of Piacenza and Modena Duomo。The Crown in the name of the Church of St. Zeno、Born in North Africa, became the eighth Verona Bishop、In the person and the whole town was converted to Christianity in the 4th century、Also the patron saint of Verona。


Middle of the bridge、Could I see you cut Italy's fashion magazine like a landscape, ♪ (probably for tourists but:Lol)


Here is、Castel Vecchio。Lombard dynasty from arrival in the 17th century painting、Sculpture、Museum of artifacts and a courtyard。


So imagine a medieval city、Thought and suggests that old town and rural countryside、Unexpected and surprising。Because while taking advantage of the old buildings has become a tourist destination?、Brand shops jostle for space.。The atmosphere of these old and new balance、I feel close to Avignon France。And Verona、Derived from the words "Ford and Hill、Far past this region is below sea level、And not uncommon molluscs, including ammonites discovered in the marble is produced here.。This trail is marble、Ammonite is likely can be discovered if you if you observe carefully。It is not only historic buildings and artistic sculptures, to being distracted by the restless。So said Nadia Verona travel guide。"Verona is very good.、I visit next week! "and。(Lol)


In the Piazza delle Erbe、Lamberti Tower (Italy,:Torre dei Lamberti) and、84 m in height and Verona's tallest Tower overlooks the city of Verona。So will score up in the elevator、Would be nice if you have the time for it was climbed。On the walls of the buildings of the square ancient murals still in vivid color and left、Building、The whole city is a world of art。


Elbe is in the meaning of herbs and vegetables.、Old、Vegetable market opened where。Now spread the white tent souvenir stalls crammed with full。


Madonna statue、Fountain of Madonna is seen。14Built by the scalar home cansinioglio century、Honor a beautiful city to the top of the fountain, we put a picture of a beautiful Princess。Using the original 1st century Roman statue is part of the trunk、Head and arms are newly produced Bonino Campione。Is to "boasts justice Verona as、Town would like to be praised for its beauty "and has written scrolls。Spread filled with wall frescos in the right building。It's a side is home (Italy,:Casa Mazzanti) in、According to all Vert caverly of 16th-century frescoes.。It is a very beautiful view。And behind it、The remains of Venetian St Mark's winged lion statue and the Maffei Palace (Italy,:Palazzo Maffei)....、In the masterpiece of the Baroque style in Verona、1688Built in the upper cloister is decorated with 6 statues of the gods in Greek mythology。Bell Tower called the gardello Tower on your left。Also known as、OLE Tower。1370Built in Verona liar-you cannot cansignorio della scalar。 Appearance is a symbol scalar home at the top of the Tower、It is filled with。


This is the Piazza della Signoria.、Also known as Piazza Dante.。Brick color square at the back of the building is the Palace of the scalar home。This square was the center of the politics of medieval Verona。This day is Sunday may、In the grocery market, a popular destination。Are you Aksed to its central image of Dante。Dante scalar of era and into exile from Florence、Send the exile living in this area。Behind the statue of Dante、See Loggia del Italian praised in Verona the most beautiful Renaissance building。15The City Council was built at the turn of the century Assembly Hall。There's an elegant eight arches、Cloister of FRA Giocondo = Italian (Italy,:Loggia del Consiglio) exists。Now、At this square in another one famous sculptures。Behind it is the Dante statue、Is the statue of Girolamo fracastro。Is nestled on the arched gate、Image of scientists during the Renaissance Verona birth of Girolamo Fracastoro troubled small ball。Scholars observed that Comet and the Sun in opposite directions?。Also、The crater on the Moon is one used his name "fracastorius"。And "dive under this arch、Fall upon the heads of the honesty of the first ball of Girolamo "that seems to be the legend。Will it have not yet fallen? (Lol)


On the right hand、12Small church of Romanesque style was built in the century、Church of Santa Maria Antica。On the left hand、May della scalar House laid the golden age of Verona's Tomb。See beautiful tomb not enclosed in the iron-barred window in the 14th century, get inside the。


The ruins of ancient Rome is in the basement of Verona、Exists in some places where the relics were unearthed from the ground。The ancient and modern city Verona。And Verona is known as "city of lovers" to that point。


Here is、The stage of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Juliet House courtyard。That is crowded with people、Waving from the balcony right women dressed up as Juliet to tourists (lol) or the name line, "Oh, Romeo、Your why is Romeo "and、By watching Romeo under Juliet lamented、Shakespeare became very famous for、And the balcony was built later that。13Inside the century Juliet's House (' Capuleti House mansion) has been published at an additional cost、Exhibits period furniture and household goods。What are Romeo and、Right side of the nave of the scalar Home Street (Italy,:Via delle Arche Scaligere) to be、In non-tour you can visit only the appearance for the privately owned。


May and Wade through the courtyard of Juliet Verona sculptor Nereo Constantini made bronze statue。Touching this Juliet's right breast and a happy marriage can be、"Be rich"、"Success in romance.、That has been handed down "comes happiness" etc. and、Cannot touch had not because it is the tourists who want to photograph and Juliet statue。


Truly being touched by many people due to timing, we have borrowed right breast of Juliet (lol)?、Right breast is shining in Tinseltown。Blessings be!


There is embroidery with its name and message at Juliet's House next to the purchased items shop。In the shop、Clothing and aprons、Mittens (pot grab) and so on is full of girls to get lovely products。Embroidery is a famous Verona。In the tourist、Embroidered with the sleight of "Verona" with sewing machines on the fly paper gave。If the fabric, good for you (lol)


Two tour conductor of Sugino, t., and Nadia's Verona local guides。Nadia is a very bright and charming, it was lovely!


Admiring the statue of Juliet、Ichiro's amphitheatre (Italy,:Arena arena) centered on bra square (Italy,:Piazza di Bra) to。


Made at the beginning of 0/1 amphitheatre (Italy,:Arena di Verona, Arena di Verona) is、Will and Italy third in size only to Naples and Rome's Colosseum amphitheatre。At that time was built、152 m in length、In the 122 m、210,000 5 it could accommodate spectators。But collapsed in the aftermath of the earthquake、And left the stage and seating、Known as the best preserved in Italy。1913From the year、Are being utilized worldwide opera performances every year until summer to approximately 20000 spectators Guide。


The Piazza Bra、Become a square draw a curve、And lined with open-air cafes and restaurants、Exudes a relaxed atmosphere is relax both tourists and local people。


Bra in Verona in pink marble gate (portoni della BRA)。


Welcome to twilight、Light car lights Dim cobblestone、It seems the carriage run in Piazza Bra。Fine in the quiet in a sleek black horse、A very gentle eyes and enchanted、We can't get enough of during the break。


Bra square in the 8th century neo-classical City Hall。To enjoy the atmosphere in the early evening from the。


Born in 0/1、While incorporating the arts 2000 years, continues to develop、Around the retaining wall of the ancient fortress city Verona。Is there a point not 見切rete still in the half day tour。It was also great city seems to slowly visit。The next time、Introduction-hotel in Treviso and dinner!

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