If you choose any microwave oven? Product comparison maker popular hot selling


Toshiba superheated steam oven (stone cauldron Dome) ER-LD430(R)Grand Red

In a family of one、If you are handy! Rather than、Should not now will be rare oven。I decided to buy the microwave oven、Also go to the electrical products Department、Don't remember the displayed food but at a loss?。First of all, normal、When buying electrical appliances、How families of the mostBudgetI think there is something called (* no money no object that would be helpful, I don't know:Lol)。In the budget's functionality (such as microwave oven)、Keeping in mind that the ease of use (operation and maintenance methods, etc.)、Should you need something that fits their own researched the characteristics of each manufacturer to find。Recent appliances enhance performance、Short cycles of renewal、New products are continually being developed and sold。However,、Fairly expensive and microwave oven and、Never not in the cheap shopping、And once you purchase 5 years、No、Poor you might also cause the player for 10 years。More "home location" in the effort to improve、In order to use it habitually、Properly understand the homework, without fail、Please select the oven there is no regret.。


SHARP herushio AX-GA1-R red


Panasonic 3-star Bistro NE-BS1000 Rouge black.


Hitachi healthy chef MRO-MBK3000 sunburn

This time the、In considering the circumstances of our (budget)、Close-up comparison product of 4 top-selling popular manufacturers listed above。Identify the characteristics of each manufacturer、Let's examine what how microwave oven works?。Will your good product photos size difference already chosen home.。And it turns out that the answer is、So it is。Most popular Toshiba、Microwave oven stone oven domeTo decide the purchase has been。Are already installed in my house。Use the oven to cook authentic and、Oven functions menu of an high output.、30L large、Of course without a turntable、It was ideal in are two-stage cooking。And、Such conditions、True to the proper product is above products。

Bake in the water until the end from the beginning and healthy, nutritional break herushio

Toshiba stone cauldron domeAnd the trouble at the height of the different performance、As the candidate was leading inSHARP herushioIt is。Herushio、2004In a pioneer series released in superheated steam oven、Naming intended in healthyHealth consciousA very、Miyuki position deserves to be selective enough to climb up。What to say and where great herushio、Excess fat is dropped.But it is of course a healthy、Of the ingredientsTo cell destructionIt is becoming difficult to have nutrients that detracts from the。So to cook with heated water vapor、Meat and fish、Keep a lush texture and without taking away the moisture, such as vegetable、Easy to maintain, heat-sensitive vitamins C、It is said to bring out the flavor of the ingredients or sweet。And、Electromagnetic radiation, not warm in the water vapor from、With a metal colander and canned、Transferring to the pouch cooked food, such as that without Dick is capable of that! (Surprised) simply herushio it's amazing me! Thought I'd、There are pitfalls。The range function in herushio、Is there a disadvantage is not suitable for General Home。It's、The length of cooking timeI have to。Because of weak range features、Just warm and to use、Warms up for a bowl of rice、It would take a whopping 10 minutes! (Surprise x 2) morning of busy housewives (or oversleeping housewife that morning:Lol)、If not maybe the steamed rice in the morning might be。At that time、Rice was stored in the freezer to Chin to、I'd like to right away! I think that would be。In a bowl of rice at least 10 minutes、You don't want it。And heat being used to end after fanSoundMay fly, but can feel annoying。In addition、Is also resistant to combustion in steam cooking a、I like crisp color and burnt there are reluctant to。Time is also、There are reasons you give up another herushio。That it's tedious maintenance。Herushio、Instead of the injected steam into the oven and bake、Bake in very hot water、For your own great recipes and say、WaterIs required,、Advance in water in the tank must be set during cooking。In addition、Throw out the water tray at the bottom of the body of water should also be、Are not bean water cleaner working chamber and the odor will rest easy (which is * actually used those comments)。Where food is handled.、Cleaning to the legume is good、Water set、Emissions、Be clean and a little、No、From a quite annoying、Herushio is excluded in。

Unique light heating system in providing grilled cooked a variety of Bistro

Next candidate、Panasonic's Bistro。Bistro、Heating and microwave antennas、Grill plate to improve heating efficiency mechanism、Shorter working hours cookingTo put the power series and will。Excellent ability to grill quickly thawing frozen foods、Stronger firepowerThe outside is crisp and、While it seems baked plump。Even in the bottom of Grill and microwave2At the same time cooking productsFunctions can also、Familiar operation with a clever housewife who even once、And shorter working hours to cook a number of products at the same time。It's browned and burnt toast is only 5 minutes on、Speed of the industry's。Shorter working hours in the busy housewife is very attractive.、Other than the cooking surface there pitfalls。If you look inside the bistro you can see why boast Bistro's largest thermal power。It is the oven top heating exposure。Pride fired by this exposure、Splashed when the grill CookOil cleaneris、That hard and exposed.。IH to change from gas stove、For me I know the cleaning easier、This is a fatal problem。To be kept after all、Any oven is dirty.、Very important the ease of cleaning。Hard to say in, hard to get stretched、It is likely to reduce frequency of use from。Investigating the investigators、Had become a problem in people who purchased、Depending on the model、The advancement of precision features such as sensor fault is like many。As is also trouble-free warranty does not、Scary thought to dabble quite。Cooking easy and fun! Since this is my motto、Unfortunately it seems no Bistro here。

Steamed dishes baked bakery also healthy chef on this one

Retreat from the candidates...、But lost in the next、Hitachi healthy chefIt is。Healthy chef、Really high rating、"The double-sided Grill plate" and "grilled steamed pig" with、High-firedByGrilled steamed cookingAlso features possible superheated steam for oven is。To adjust the power and cooking time with weight sensors mounted on the bottom three、Continuously even after the oven using the oven temperature, cooking。Dough, dough bakery features models making up about there、Is useful for bread making beginners。Bistro、The sensor detects the temperature had less uneven heating in microwave oven、Healthy chef、FoodWeigh the heatedI will。At the bottom of the oven and installed 3-point weight sensor、It is to decide by the weight of the food to heat how long。In addition to the healthy chef、"Moon warms the flow" that is capable of、Be registered to up to 20 different instruments frequently used can be、And more efficient heating。Many high ratings for decompression and warms the other microwave features、A microwave、Grill、Oven、Grilled steamed and、Healthy chef said that he Almighty、Impeccable。Nothing else、Oven lights Dim、Hard to judge cooking inside, such as bread, cakes and、Does not come on when the door is opened for、What about having dirt to easy-to-overlook。Now、What is the elected element? If you ask me、When comparing I remains less functionality at the same price without hesitation, say design (lol)、May be most important in our house design。To appreciate compared the picture above you understand、Stone cauldron dome and a healthy chef menu too is the same、In view of stone cauldron dome was by far the most clean and simple design.。Including furniture and Interior、As the home for all things really focuses on the design of、It became a big decisive it、Results、Toshiba stone cauldron domeIn the Rocky Mountains!

Stone kiln dome thoroughly obsessed with baked in convection and 400 ° c fire

Toshiba stone cauldron domeThe、Bread makingIs the reason that many had been chosen to be the most。I was surprised、In the bread cooking menu-Raku's bakeryCourses such as。If you use this course、Plump fresh-baked bread、Bake 1 hour from fermentationIn order to complete、Home Bakery to serve until there is no waiting for 3 hours,。(That actually baked、I was really surprised at this! ) Is also in my home、Is cooking meat dishes and pizza stone oven roaster is big success、To really look in the infrared、Keep the flavor and moisture、With a uniform, plump grilled、Stone cauldron domeFar-infraredAlso at large is greatly intriguing。Baked in the hot air from the far-infrared radiation and up and down、In the wholeStone ovenThe plump Brown and the Cook。This、Ideally, pretty。Good range、8One infrared sensor eyeSwing by the temperature sensor、Plenty warm warms the unevenness is less。As household microwave oven、An unusualHighest temperature 400 ° cThe calorie-cutting while dropping the superheated steam extra oil、With fried in a small amount of oil、Will enjoy healthy and delicious food。And as the essential care、Non-stick and dirt can be easilyCoat clean.Decorated、Angle plates and oven、That is coated with fine particles, so dirt-resistant、Clean and easy。(Certainly、With easy clean after the baked bread。) A hassle and Kitty grooming courses、3Minutes as who lifts up dirt in the steam、It is also easy to keep the oven clean good!

This time the、The purpose of purchasing a microwave oven、Bread and suites makes you want to work hard! Thought and how they、ThisToshiba stone cauldron domeNow。My goal in the future、While we actually use this along with the recipes tell you pros & cons I think we can。The next time、Assistant demonstrates the greatness of the bakery features!

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