South Africa landmark、From the table mountain 360 ° panoramic views


Also internationally as a landmark South Africa speaking of table mountain is widely known。In the mountains of 1067 metres above sea level made of bedrock located in Cape Town、So many people know the multitude of hiking trails you can experience was breathtakingly scenic and contact with nature that do not。Table Mountain towering in the heart of Cape Town known as the mother city and trekking lovers ' paradise、Are there many interesting facts as one of the natural wonders of the world。Table Mountain is just a rock nor、Instead of sightseeing spots aboard the cable car and enjoy the views from the Summit、For those who love nature、An invaluable heritage can be called is being designated as a nature reserve you can experience the encounter with nature。Quote source:Table Mountain National Park official site


1929Table Mountain was completed in Russia--the upward、As a solution to the walk to the Summit was very difficult、One engineer Trygve Stromsoe Norway who suggested to the Cape Town City。At the top of the mountain since the opening、2,000Visit all over、Rotary in 70 years has elapsed since the opening of the first cable car 10/4/1997 transformed by high-tech new cars being offered。To the Summit restaurant and shop、Camps Bay side、Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden side、Many hiking trails have grown from each district, the heart of the city。Depending on the trekking experience and fitness levels、From a leisurely walk to full-fledged rock climbing in the steep rocky cliffs、And is a spot you can choose to adventure attractions you can experience the Chinning exercises descent with the rope!


Here is the ropeway ticket gate。And purchase a round trip ticket adults R205 (Japan Yen 2050 yen) at the entrance、Let's immediately climb!


Will take you to the table mountain cable car、Expand the unknown world。If you climb、Dive into the eye with a spectacular view of the Cape Peninsula、You can also explore the Cape Town plant endemic to South Africa,。The table mountain cable car、Is the most one of the popular tourist attractions in South Africa。Cable car from tafelberg road connects to the mountain top 65-seater。So every 360 degree turn、You can enjoy a full panoramic view up。Prior to the cable、Could not climb the mountain front clip Platte Canyon tourists want to go to the top。Clip the Platte Canyon route steep mountain roads、16Recorded at century Antonio de Saldana first traversed the mountain route, and。This route is still popular、At least those people is not particularly one way hiking is another way almost by ropeway。Opened the table mountain cable car from until today I 18 million passengers traveled on the mountaintop。800000 people per year around the globe of tourists use the cable。10Minutes are out there every so、Even if it was in the busiest season、30-Within that you can ride。And with celebrities, such as the United States and United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II famous moderator Oprah Winfrey ridden on the cable.


Ropeway in the beginning were made with wood and Tin、The current "table mountain aerial cable way"、Buses equipped with high-tech made in Switzerland Rotair、Since the cable car travels at 10 m/s、Perceived speed is quite。To the Summit arrive in less than 10 minutes!


Cape Town overlooking the cityscape and ocean glow bright enough to shine brilliantly.


360And enjoying the views of the times、Oh that is during the ascent.


Summit station revolving gate and there、Wonderful world of nature is a fascinating。With only the top of table mountain、1470It is speculated to have the kinds of plants。Table Mountain national parks are listed as world heritage site great beauty and such rich bio-diversity is very much worth。And、Magnificent view from the Summit。This is by all means at first glance like you want to!


A protruding mountain seen in the back、That which resembles the lying lion、Lions head (Head = head、669 m above sea level) and、It is called。And、Atlantic Ocean is the deep blue sea!


Top is nearly flat、Paved trail also。Table Mountain miniature plants are listed here.


We have、Now this place is。It is nice!


Walks vary in、Would be quite a distance from corner to corner walk。Stronger peak wind chilly、We recommend that you always bring a jacket the。


Thin stroll road are the height of the wall built with stones and precious environment as much as possible so it is not in、Attention is required to walk。


And the vast Atlantic Ocean、Attractive spread too far I like pale blue sky。


Voice dialogue among tourist tourists、Communication keep in mind that photography is also fun time!


As noted in the Cape Town tourism、"The weather is nice,、First of all, what you put into the mountain! "With that。Season of intense weather changes in the rainy season is the watchword seems to be sure (laughs)、And we think this ascent, except、In the sunny small clouds、So I think never crisp and Apple bottoms that heroic figure、I was very fortunate to luck and timing!

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