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Travellers in South Africa Cape Town at a reasonable price, please feel free to open 2 storyCity Sightseeing Cape Town Hop on Hop offThe bus is recommended。City Center round boobs and around red city tour bus of 18 points over 15 minutes per visit and、You can choose from bloominnipeninshura tour can enjoy the wonderful nature around the mountain and sea views in Cape Town 14 bus the 25-minute visit every two lines。1Select either route tickets are R150 (Japan ¥ 1500 yen) in、2The select Street route、2If you purchase in advance, tickets at R50 discount R250 (Japan Yen 2500 yen)。Advance payments on the Internet with you seems to be R100 (Japan ¥ 1000) deals with the R200。In addition、2Buy a day ticket1We dose cruise tickets R30 (Japan Yen 300 yen) would be included because。It's time for Africa?、Does not come on time for the time schedule stated in the brochures of the ball is scratched、Would be okay as the approximate schedule、Have time to spare, do it!


To buy tickets and driver's will pass the earphones to hear the translation Guide.


2Since F is open、Weather permitting come 2nd floor seat we recommend the。Easy-to-take photos and、Is a little pricey but high tourist fun!


Machine has a seat next to the earpiece at the Japan language "JPN" select from 16 languages。Announcement will play along with the lively and lilting African music。Points for every guide will properly since、Would you leave along with ear earphones!


At the start of the City Sightseeing Cape Town、Starts from the tucoshands Aquarium before the bus stop (1)。So even the weather、Immediately、Is a departure into the sights of the red city tour。On the way、Down at the bus stop (13) table mountain ropeway、Participated in the aerial tramway, and enjoy the great views、Also came from after the bus ride we so、Presents articles of table mountain.


































Introduction to bus stop points
(1) one of the two oceans Aquarium Cape Town's main tourist attractions、2One is the Sea Aquarium。
(2) Watch-1882, the clock tower was completed。This historic building is、V celebrates African art shops&A Waterfront landmark。
(3) was founded in 1999 in the middle of Cape Town International Convention Centre、Is a world class Convention Centre。
(4) Cape Town tourism Cape Town official visitor information center、Located in the city centre and is within walking distance from the green market square。
(5) highlights of the tour of the St. George's Cathedral City、This impressive cathedral。Learn more about local history and architecture。
(6) South Africa Museum of local culture and arts and learn the history museum here。
(7) Mount ne Nelson Hotel table mountain、Hotel in Cape Town, the most famous and located at the foot of Nelly。To meet famous people!
(8) behind the façade of the SA Jewish Museum of bold architecture can discover the fascinating history of the Jewish people of the Republic of South Africa。
(9) District six Museum to learn about its role in the history of this local and regional best place。
(10) a bastion of pentagonal and catleobgood hope、South Africa's oldest buildings。
In (11) displays more than 350 gold Museum's breathtaking、You can discover the relationship between the people of Africa spanning several centuries。
(12) jewel Africa South Africa is、Famous for its gems。Jewel Africa will perfectly crafted just for you。
(13) table mountain ropeway featured points! Ride on State-of-the-art 360-degree rotation、Magnificent view from the top!
(14) camps Bay prior to this international beach、Popularity。There are beautiful views and trendy shops and restaurants。
(15) at the foot of the Hotel Atlantic、With beautiful views of Bantry Bay enjoy exquisite cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere。
(16) sea point restaurant this is.、Pub、Gather music clubs, coffee shops。Boardwalk is a leisurely walk of the tourist a great place。
(17) overlooking the Atlantic Ocean Winchester mansions、Apartment which exudes old-world charm。I liked the art of wine and food。
(18) Green Point Lighthouse Green Point Lighthouse、Situated in green point。Vibrant、An international community。

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City Sightseeing Cape Town Hop on Hop off

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