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Child Penguin waddle at boulders Beach and relax



Boulders Beach Penguin is famous for its、And that she is walking the dying, cute。Charm with plenty of sights to see each year、About 60000 visitors from simonstown sort photos visit Penguin to small arrived boulders Beach 5 km、Or observe。Border beach is now also the world's only、Can African Penguin to see close to where it is。Cape Penguin observation、And the Boardwalk across the coast, and made、The Office is managed by the South Africa National Park has been installed、Can now see under much better circumstances.


There are shops with Aloe Vera alcare Aloe is famous from the parking lot to the Beach Road。Made from the Cape region atovan that Aloe Vera extracts、In the shop for good quality and reputation are please souvenir!


African penguins on boulders Beach、In a rare example to form a colony near the city is one。ケープタウンのペンギンコロニーが初めて知られたのは1983年、1組のつがいがボルダーズのフォクシービーチで発見された時のことペンギンたちはダイアー島からフォルス湾にやって来たのです当時のフォルス湾は商業的漁業が禁止されていました。As a result、The penguins were found where prey is abundant, also suitable for breeding、Established on boulders Beach、So was increasing the number of。But nearly 30 years later、Boulder Beach penguins fall in a difficult situation。Presence of cars and humans、Breeding ground fighting、Penguins will make a nest in a dangerous environment、The nest predators and natural threats exposed to make is I。Fewer fish feeding on the impacts of climate change、The effect also increases the frequency of severe weather、The number of penguin chicks that decreases sharply.。そこでヒナ鳥の減少に歯止めをかけ安全な繁殖環境を作り出そうとボルダーズビーチ公園の管理事務所は人口巣箱を設置しています。Also、南アフリカ沿岸鳥保護財団(SANCCOB)とダイアー島保全トラスト南アフリカ国立公園も貴重なサイモンズタウンのペンギンの保護活動に取り組んでいます








Here is、さきほど説明した人口巣箱です巣箱には番号が振られており管理者が数を把握できるように示したもの










Here is、親ペンギンがヒナをカモメから守っている様子です









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Kleintuin Road, Simon’s Town, Cape Town, 7995 South Africa

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While watching the spectacular Cape Point two oceans restaurant wine lunch Peaceful port simonstown remnants that affected the United Kingdom
While watching the spectacular Cape Point two oceans restaurant wine lunch
Peaceful port simonstown remnants that affected the United Kingdom


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